Why am I ‘Sew Crazy’?

A lot of people ask me questions or make remarks about the frequency of my sewing. I thought today would be a good time to expand on that…tell you a little bit about me.

A year ago when I was first thinking about start a blog, I started to look into blog names. I had no idea at the time where the blog would really take me (still don’t to tell you the truth!). But I was just looking for something fun, something that would kind of reflect a little of me and my life. What names popped into my head? A lot, as usual. But most of those were taken. Ha!

Eventually Me Sew Crazy was thought up, and here I am!

Do I think of myself as ‘sew crazy’…ummm, not really actually. Do I sew a lot? Yes. But do I let it take over my actual life, or interfere with the raising of my children or taking care of my family? No.

Where I actually thought the ‘crazy’ part of my blog name fit in was with me and my family life! Not my sewing.

I was always a little ‘crazy’ personality wise. I just like things to be off the wall sometimes, what can I say? Growing up in my family’s house, we loved to act like huge goofballs. Example? We have a home video somewhere (lost hopefully), where I made all my brothers and sisters dance around with diapers on our heads – yeah, that happened. Ha!

And now with 3 kids underfoot, things can get quite literally ‘crazy’ in our house. It can seem like downright CHAOS at times. I used to think with 2 girls we were walking the line to crazy. Now that the third has been born, we are smack dab in the middle of crazy-land every single day!

Where does sewing fit in? Sewing is my bliss. It is my happy place. It is what I like to do to get away from it all. So whereas a lot of Mothers hit the stores to relax, or read a book, or watch TV, or take a nap…I sew. Unless I am out on a date with my husband, there is almost nothing I would rather be doing than sitting with some quiet time in front of my machine.

So when do I find the time to sew? I have found that when something is your passion – you will always MAKE the time.

Most people sew at night – after the kids go to sleep. This is actually when I do NOT sew. Trust me, I would really like to! But my husband has this thing where he actually WANTS to spend time with me. Crazy – I know! So I have tried to make it a rule that once the kids go to bed, it is my time to be with him.

When does that leave me sewing? When the kids are napping, or if the kids are watching TV. Sometimes really, really late at night when the husband goes to sleep (not lately though with the newborn – as I need any sleep I can get!). And sometimes extremely early in the morning when I can’t sleep or am the only one awake. But usually its just bits and pieces here and there, whenever I can snag free time!

And YES, I do let other things go to the wayside by putting sewing on the top of my priority list. Things like cleaning, or even cooking sometimes. I know that is not an option for some. But in our house, a mass cleaning gets done once every 3 weeks. And cooking gets done probably 4 nights a week, and PS – I love my crock pot! (Thank you Crock Pot Girls – HA!).

I think that is okay, and let me tell you why. Because right after taking care of my husband and my kids, I need to take care of ME. The bottom line is, if I am not happy – no one else is going to be! And sewing makes me happy. Yes, of course seeing my kids running around and playing joyfully makes me happy. Getting their love and affection for being the greatest mother in the whole world (in their eyes) makes me beyond the moon happy. But sewing fulfills that space that needs to do something for ME.

It is my *DREAM* that one day I will have help. Someone who will come watch the kids for me 2 to 3 days a week for a full 8 hours in the middle of the day – no interruptions! And I can just dedicate that time to sewing, to making a business out of what I love. But with no family nearby, this hasn’t been a reality for me. I am so enviously jealous of those that have help like this! You have NO IDEA.

But until the day when all of my kids are in school, this is what I do. I sew any chance I can get. I blog because I love it. I create and share with you because I want others to find the same joy and happiness I have found in this art. And I pray this will all lead me someday to a place where I can make a successful business out of it.

I was always that girl that had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Well, now I know. And I feel so blessed to have discovered this gift.

So that’s a little bit about me in a nutshell…

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Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit is the founder and creative director behind the me sew crazy blog, as well as SewSet.com, 5 & 10 Designs, GNO Events, and co-editor of STYLO. She resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and 3 children.
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  1. says

    Hi Jessica,
    So much of what you have said mirrors my life!! Finding a space for sewing in the craziness of two little girls and one little boy is complex and difficult but also a priority!! Without it, I am sure I would lose some balance in my life that makes me and my family happier. It doesn’t matter how nuts things get, rarely a day goes by when I don’t spend some time planning my sewing projects or actually doing them. Sometimes I resort to sitting on the bathroom floor and doing some embroidery when I am supervising bath time! But it almost always gets done. What amazes me about you though, is your phenomenal productivity in both your sewing and your blogging. I would always choose sewing over blogging and so the frequency of my blog posts is often woeful. Thankfully I share my blog with my sister and she bundles me along with her enthusiasm and great sewing ideas. I don’t think I would have got very far without her! So well done on your amazing sewing and blogging!

    PS I remember watching my Mum taking a shower when I was little and watching her design quilt blocks in the steam on the glass door. She too knew the important role of creativity in her life and that she had to squash it in somewhere!

  2. says

    Great post! I agree that taking time out for yourself is SO important. It is a clear fact that I am a much better mother when I’ve had some time to recharge by myself. My Etsy shop has taken up that role lately, but I always need something.

    I think sometimes people expect mothers to be some sort of robots. Anyone at a regular job legally is assured breaks in their day away from their work, and their job only takes up 8 hours or so! A mothers, especially of young kids (and newborns!) takes up all 24 hours and it is ridiculous to think a mother doesn’t need refreshing breaks.

    I’m glad you get to sew and I hope that when you do, even if laundry is piling up or you realize the family is going to eat frozen pizza tonight again, that you are pleased that what you are doing is good for yourself, good for your family, and frankly good for your kids to realize that you are a person who is separate from them and has your own fascinating talents and joys. Oh, and I’m glad you blog about it so we all get to see!

    And, as I say in almost every comment, I hope you do get to make a business out of it. :) Then I get to buy your clothes.

  3. says

    Great post! I completely agree. As moms we absolutely need time for the things that make us happy and that we do for ourselves. I love the story in Maryann’ comment about her mom designing quilt blocks in the shower steam!

    I find it challenging to find time to sew. I only have one child but she has special needs and we do several hours of therapies in and out of the home. But somehow I too find the time!

    I hope you’re able to see your dream realized!

  4. says

    I love this! I think it’s really deceiving sometimes when there are constant blog posts how much sewing time is actually spent. I actually got really lucky and my husband has crazy work house (4 am-noon) so he goes to bed at 8:30 with the kids and I get from 8:30 to whenever I decide it’s time to go to sleep to sew uninterrupted. It’s a serious dream come true. I used to just sew during nap time and a few min here and there but uninterrupted time? it’s amazing what you can get done. Sometimes I sew, sometimes I line up my weeks worth of posts, edit pictures, whatever I want. Then I get the whole day to be time with my kids, husband and squeeze in time for blog surfing :) I think you hit the nail on the head! You will always find time to do what you love and still make time for family, and life. It’s all just choices.

  5. says

    What a fun post! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year. :) I also agree that mom needs breaks sometimes, love my crock pot (maybe we should have a crock pot recipe swap?), and it would be nice to live closer to family. Maybe next summer you can hire a high school (or middle school, depending on the kid) student one day a week. I’m already plotting to see if I can!

  6. says

    Fantastic post! I especially relate to the “MAKE time for things you’re passionate about.” You and I are so lucky that an abundance of time with our kids is a guaranteed part of each and every day, but what some may not realize is that just like any other demanding job, we need a break too! Being able to focus on just one thing at a time, whether it’s something Fancy or blogging, is something I TREASURE now that I’m a full time juggling act. Keep up the good work…with the sewing AND the wife and Mommy gig!

  7. says

    LOVE this post. People always ask me when I have the time to sew and it is usually just when my one-year old naps. I can’t sew when he is awake, as he is too crazy, and lately, I am too tired at night! I wish I had more time too, and have your same dream of having a little bit of help. Maybe some day! As it is, I keep on plugging away during the limited time slot that I have. And it makes me happy too. We need that as stay-at-home moms.

  8. says

    I love the honesty in your post; and to make your post even better… Austin Powers “Me in a Nutshell!” I reference this ALL THE TIME; mad props to you, Jessica!!!

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing and giving us a little insight about you and your world. I think what you said rings true to most of us. We need to make time for the things we are passionate about. And we certainly need to take care of us!

  10. says

    Reading this reminds me if my own life. I did start a babysitting co op with a few friend where we take 1 Friday a month and watch all the kids for 3 hours during the day. Crazy one day but sheer bliss the other three Fridays. Bring a mom is s full time job but that doesn’t mean u don’t get breaks to enjoy yourself.

  11. says

    OMG,you are so genies, inspired me a lot. when i saw the projects you have done it makes proud and i want to sew by myself to my little girl. Thank you and i am so happy to found your blog. Greeting from Mongolia.

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