Here were my Top 2011 Posts, ranked by month…


The 20 Minute Ruffle Dress has been a huge hit. Its always the posts that are simple and easy to make that seem to make the biggest impact. I think this is because they make everyone feel like they can accomplish it.

In these days where we are all short on time, we want to know we can still whip up something fabulous that will fit into our busy schedules.

This dress I still see floating around on Pinterest on a daily basis.


The Jackie O Dress is another Pinterest sensation…why? Because it is fashioned after style icon Jackie O of course!!!

When something is styled after a timeless classic, it will always endure.

That, and it included free pattern pieces, and everyone loves a free pattern :).


The infamous Bubble Ruffle Dress.

This dress was a learning experience for me. I wasn’t very clear with my instructions in my initial tutorial, I believe the exact words in the feedback I received was “clear as mud”.

I have revisited the tutorial and cleared things up since then, but it made me realize that I needed to be more careful with what I put out.


Yeah – The Bustle Backpack!

Quite possibly one of my own personal favorites. It was just so fun and whimsical, I couldn’t help but love it. And the photo shoot just seemed to work itself out.

This received my very first magazine feature in Haute Handbags.


The Snap Wrap Dress Remix.

This was part of my month long Remix Series, based on the Snap Wrap Dress by Prudent Baby. This was another creation that I simply fell in love with after making it.

You know when you make something, and you cannot wait to reveal it on your blog? That was this dress for me. I simply l.o.v.e.d it!

Of course white linen on a 2 year old wasn’t ideal…


The Knot Tote was actually an accident, what I mean is that when I sat down to make it, I had something different in my head. I tried over and over and over again to try to figure out how to make the knot shirt – so that I could apply it to this purse…without success. Finally, I just gave up, and decided to figure out my own way – and Voila! It was so super easy! I was thrilled to give this simple pattern away :).


The Lace Zipper Tute was another fluke. Something that I had no idea would catch the attention of so many people! It came after I had ordered some lace zippers that I fell in love with, but they were so low on stock that I couldn’t get what I wanted. After looking at the 2 I did get, I realized…hey, I can make this! And I can make it using any lace I want to match anything I want! And voila, next thing I knew – Grosgrain featured it.


The Back to School Tunic Dress made for Sew Mama Sew.

Anything featured on the fabulous Sew Mama Sew site is going to get a lot of attention. Combine that with the fact that this was a part of Chloe’s Fall Collection, and it became a natural hit.

I happened to love this dress because of the pom pom trim. I don’t usually work with notions like that, but I happened to fall in love with it here.


If I can be totally honest, the success of this tutorial completely shocked me! Its not that I don’t love my perfectly fitting circle skirt…but it is just a circle skirt…with a zipper. I mean, really? Especially considering I had put out the Quilted Fairy Tales jacket that month, which I felt blew this one out of the water! But I guess you just never know sometimes! Ha!


Now here is something funny for you. The most popular post for October isn’t even mine! This fabulous little keyhole ruffled shirt was a guest post by A Couple of Craft Addicts.

This thing has made the rounds in Pinterest, and has been featured everywhere since – including Prudent Baby!

I am so happy for the Craft Addicts Team! It was a fabulous tutorial! Thanks again!!!


The fishtail circle skirt.

I guess I am surprised a lot, because just when I thought I was letting my readers down by not having the full tutorial for the dress – everyone loved just knowing how to fishtail a circle skirt. I was completely caught off guard! HA


And I finish off the Countdown just as I began, with a simple no sew scarf tutorial. I am convinced that it is the how-to image that has made this tutorial such a success. Something about images like this just get repinned over and over again on Pinterest. It is simple, easy, and something people who cant sew can make! Who doesn’t love that?!!

And there you have it. The top posts per month of 2011.

If there is one thing blogging has taught me when it comes to a popular post, it is that you just never know which ones are going to be a ‘hit’. I can be so excited to put something out there, something that I think people are going to flip for…and it may as well be as if nothing happened…Bueller, Bueller. And then, there are those times when you feel like the post is nothing special – and people love it!

So do not get discouraged if you feel like you are putting things out there and nobody seems to be responding. When I first started out 2011, I had under 200 followers. Keep joining those link parties, keep putting out your fabulous self, and people will find you!

THANK YOU so much for finding me this past year!!!

To a New Year of sewing together – Cheers!