I stumbled across this idea on Pinterest the other day…

Why do I think this is such a good idea?

Because otherwise this is the only photo you are likely to get…

1 kid running away, the other sitting there like a bump on a log. And Santa? I thought he was supposed to be jolly!

And PS – What was Ben doing the entire time?

Screaming. That’s right – we were at the mall, and I didn’t know he would start showing symptoms of croup the very next day. So he screamed, the entire time. He wasn’t so thrilled with me and these reindeer ears either…lol.

So yeah, if you have young kids. That Pin is GENIUS!

You can get the full tutorial on how to get a ‘Santa’ Christmas picture, without Santa HERE. Great photography site with a lot of great tips for improving your photos!

At least Chloe got to tell Santa what she really wanted…

Of course that was after Santa called Madeline the WRONG NAME!

*(insert picture of me desperately shaking my head NO here!)*

Thanks Mall Santa. I had fun explaining that one!!!

What are the holidays without a little laughter after all? Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!