If you blinked, you may have missed that I made some accessories to go with this final Project Run & Play look!

The reason I wanted to get these tutorials out now, is I happen to think they make the perfect stocking stuffers. They are quick and easy to make, and I am pretty sure your daughter will absolutely fall in love with them just as mine did!!!

Heck – me and my daughter both share that headband! HA! Is that bad???

Let’s get started…

To make this twisted headband you will need some scrap fabric, a headband that gets wide in the middle, and some hot glue.

Cut 2 strips of fabric the length of your headband + 2″ for the Length x double your headbands width.

Using a pair of scissors, make 1 of those strips narrower at the ends (but still not as narrow as your headband piece – you want it to be able to wrap around the back!).

Grab your hot glue, and starting in the middle, hot glue the fabric to your headband, wrapping the fabric around to the wrong side of your headband so that it meets in the middle.

Continue doing this until you get to both ends, wrapping the extra inch that hangs off both sides under as well.

Now, take your second strip of fabric and fold both long raw edges in together, so that they meet in the middle in the back.

Wrap one of the long edges under one side of the headband and hot glue in place. You will probably need to pleat the fabric a little to make it the same size as the headband.

Bring the fabric up and around the headband, allowing it to get wider with your headband – at all times you want it to be the same size as your headband.

Once you get about 3/4 of the way to the other side of your headband, wrap the fabric to the back side of your headband and glue into place.

Take another small scrap of fabric, and fold under both raw edges as we did for the first piece. (This scrap piece is probably excess from the piece you just folded under and hot glued!)

Where we ended the other piece of fabric, take your scrap piece and hot glue to the other side of the headband.

Take that smaller piece of scrap fabric and wrap around the front of the headband, looping under your previous piece. Bring it back to the other side and under, and secure with hot glue.

And voila! A nice added touch, which I did not take pictures of, was that I used a non-slip stretchy piece of elastic and glued it to the inside of this headband, over my fabric seams.

It fits great…

Now, moving on…let’s talk about that belt!

This belt is even EASIER to make then the headband!!! All you will need is about 6 – 9 yards of velvet or leather cord.

I wanted leather, but they only had velvet on hand at the fabric store when I went to purchase. Let’s get started…

Take your velvet or leather cord and cut into either (6) or (9) 1 yard strips. Obviously 9 strips will make for a fuller belt, but 6 looks just as great – which is what I made mine using.

At about 10″ in from one end, tie all of those strips into a knot.

Hold that 10″ end on something, either tape it down, hold with your toes (HA!), whatever. Holding it down, divide the strips into 3 equal parts, and start braiding as you normally would.

When you get to the point where you only have 10″ left on the other end, tie in a knot again. And you are done!!!

How easy was that?!!! All you have to do is tie it right on.

Of course, you can make this for older kids as well, I just might use longer cording strips for that (say 1.5 – 2 yard p/strip).

I hope this helps for all those little last minute handmade gifts!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!