When I was making this look for that final week of Project Run & Play, I was also packing for a family vacation as well. What I am trying to say is, I had very little time to create because we were leaving in a couple of days!!!

I actually made just the shirt and pants for my final look before I left! I was so happy when I returned and had enough time to pull my outfit together with the blazer…

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually really love this shirt! But when it was just re-sized, not actually created, it didn’t seem fair or right that it would be for my final look at PR&P.

The shirt came from an old drawstring neckline Tunic that I have had sitting around on the top shelf of my closet. I actually had to really consider whether or not I was going to use it because it is a really nice name brand. But then I thought about it, realized I hadn’t worn it once, and that someone in our house should be getting some use out of it, and cut away!

Got a T Shirt that fits great? Here is what you will need to do…

Lay your T Shirt on top of the Tunic, matching up the neckline, and cut around the sides and bottom. Be sure to give yourself plenty of wiggle room for seam allowance.

I then took the neckline strings and pulled them as tight as they would go, which gave me the neckline I desired for my daughter’s size.

I put the shirt right sides together and sewed up the sides and underarm seam. Then hemmed the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.

And lastly, did a little back and forth stitch at the drawstring neckline to be sure that it wouldn’t come loose and start drooping down on my daughter!

And there you have it! A super cute, quick, and easy re-sized tunic for the little ones…

Now onto the blazer.

I really agonized over this. The bottom line is that yes, I did create this blazer from scratch, and yes, I did use my own pattern. BUT, I did not create a tutorial at the time to go with it. As I mentioned earlier, I was really short on time when I was whipping it up!

So I had pattern pieces without a tutorial. Did I put the extra effort forth to recreate a new one?

While considering my options over this, I stumbled across a fantastic little blazer pattern made by Mellie Sews.

I had my answer. My blazer was darned difficult to make to get it to fit just right, and Melly Sews has not only made one and had them pattern tested and approved, but is selling that pattern for only $5! That is a deal if I have ever heard of one!

Our collars may be a little bit different, and mine may be slightly more fitted, but with a little bit of seam altering you can have the same blazer ultimately. Want arm patches, just sew on big ovals using a zig zag stitch!

So yes, as much as I loooooooove giving away free tutorials – and obviously do it all of the time…this one is worth the money!

To buy a Melly Sews blazer pattern, click HERE.

I want to say a very HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me for Season 2 of Project Run & Play. It was an honor to be able to participate, and make it to the finals. It is only because of you that I made it as far as I did – every week I swore I was going home! HA!

And in case you haven’t heard Project Run & Play Season 3 is beginning soon! Be sure to hop on over and check out who this Season’s contestants are! Lots of new and exciting things going on over there…and guess who will be judging a new reader participation competition?!! ME! Woot woot!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!