Today I get to announce the winner of the Readers Submissions – YEAH!!! I have to say, it was a really tough choice. There were so many fantastic ideas sent in, I guess maybe I should have thought ahead and done a top 3…or 10.

But out of all of the entries that were sent in, this one just sort of stuck in my head. I loved the idea behind it, and couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

So without further ado, I have the honor of introducing Googie Momma and her New Years ReSewLution…’Finishing Uncompleted Projects’!

First, an introduction…

I did a little browsing, and was totally hooked. If there is one thing I love more than anything when reading blogs, it is a sense of humor. I mean seriously, I look at pics all day of tutorials and ideas – but someone who can make me laugh in the process – I love that! It makes me want to keep coming back to your site…why? Because I love a good-natured laugh that makes me feel good. And she seems to do that over and over again.

And After taking a closer look at Googie Momma, I was blown away. She is not only funny, but also has some seriously fantastic ideas!!! You have got to check her out. I am pretty much running to the fabric store so that I can make this stuffed animal filled bean bag chair…YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY!

This idea is so genius, I am still jumping up and down at the idea of having a place to hide/store the multitude of stuffed animals that have invaded our house!!!

But there is so much more Googie Momma has to share. Between her home redecorating projects…

And her mad sewing skills…

This Stay at Home Momma of 5 (yes, you heard me again – 5!), is rocking my socks off!

So let’s turn the floor over to Googie Momma and see just what her first No-Longer-Uncompleted-Project of 2012 is, shall we?

Welcome Googie Momma!

okay, somebody pinch me.

i can’t believe it. when jessica sent out the call for submissions for the open spot in her “reSEWlution” series we were smack in the middle of major home renovations. but i couldn’t help but think about what i might do…what new skill do i want to tackle? what project have i been dying to try?

and then it occurred to me—i need to look a bit…well, closer to home. like in my overflowing fabric stash.

so i dashed off a quick email to jessica. and when she emailed back thursday and asked if i would like to fill her empty slot!?!?!? uhhh—YES!

so, please. somebody pinch me.

okay, let’s get to it: honesty time. (slowly stands up)

::cough, cough::

hi. my name is shannon. and i’m a sewing procrastinator. i have multiple
half-started and unfinished projects.

come on, who’s with me here? there’s no shame in telling the truth. who hasn’t seen a fabric, immediately fallen in love, and quickly purchased 2 yards swearing you’re going to turn it into the perfect skirt/top/dress? and then it sat, first in the bag, then in the closet…slowly getting pushed further to the back of the pile…until you’ve all but forgotten about it…

or maybe you’re a pinner? you pin the most ADORBS little outfit, run right out and buy all the supplies to make it…and months later find that nice little pile of fabric, zipper and buttons dusty and neglected in the corner of your stash?

well, NO MORE. today i finish a project left undone–a dress inspired by the very gal who’s blog i’m visiting today!

when jessica posted her hot air balloon dress back in the summer i loved it, i pinned it, i bought fabric for it. not only was i going to make it—i had visions of all four of my girls in coordinating balloon dresses.

but wait, it gets better. shortly after this i saw this pinwheel bib done over at lemontree creations.

also TOO CUTE!

and the wheels started turning…

what about a cute little summer dress like the hot air balloon dress, but with PINWHEELS instead??? ohhh…it’s gonna be sooo cute. except…

i never made it. but, in light of my new resolve, i proudly present…

pinwheel dress_7991

of course, initially this was going to be a summer dress. but i had to switch gears a bit and make it a bit more wintery. my plan was a white dress with brown ribbon wands on the pinwheels. so i simply flipflopped the colors–brown dress, white ribbon.

one of my favorite things about sewing for my girls is making clothes that aren’t the typical “girl colors“–not pink or red. a brown dress with orange and blue and yellow accents? perfect!

so i gave it a boat neck, fitted bodice and 3/4 length cuffed sleeves (one of my favorite looks)

pinwheel dress_8009

and you gotta love a big fluffy skirt covered with 3-D pinwheels!

pinwheel dress_8013

here’s how i did it:


you can use whatever dress pattern you’d like. i used an existing dress to get the basic size and shape, and then adjusted the neckline, waist height, and sleeves.

i made my dress complete first:


and then turned my attention to the pinwheels.







now to attach them to the dress.




final steps:

stitch ribbon down as the pinwheel wands, and sew (or glue) buttons to the centers.

pinwheel dress_7997

that’s right—sometimes (okay, most times) i glue non-functioning buttons on things i make. hot glue holds up really well—even through the washer and dryer (i wouldn’t do this for baby clothes though—just older kids who don’t put little things in their mouths!)

and that’s it! enjoy your pinwheel dress—perfect for spinning and twirling pinwheel dress_8004

pinwheel dress_8019 image

jessica, thank you so much for forcing me to finish a project letting me join the fun! i’m so glad i finally got this dress done—i love it!

now to tackle the other 50 unfinished things lurking in my sewing corner…shhhh…don’t tell mr. googiedaddy! and to everyone else…please stop by sometime and visit me over at googiemomma!


Okay, can I just say…I was absolutely blown away when I saw this completed project. This was so much better than I even imagined! You did such a fantastic job! SO WELL DONE! You absolutely NEED to complete more projects if they are going to come out this good! I love it!!!

Thank you for submitting your idea, it was definitely something that needed to be shared!

Be sure to check out more from Googie Momma here:
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!