I think our next guest is one of the cutest bloggers out there…

I {heart} Rachel from Maybe Matilda – HA! She is just so fun and quirky, and her look is absolutely flawless. She always has a fresh take on a classic look, with a fun style and flair that we all fall in love with. I would swear that every time I browse Pinterest I am bound to come across one of her images.

One of the things that I think sets her apart is that she is not only an avid sewer…

But she crochets as well…

Maybe Matilda is just so chock full of good stuff, you have to see her Tutorials Page for yourself!

But this super woman of course does more…(don’t they all?!! HA)

She runs a successful Etsy shop with absolutely the cutest knit products…

I mean how cute is that?!! She makes me want to learn how to crochet!!!

So let’s see what Rachel has up her sleeve for her New Years ReSewLution…shall we?

Welcome Rachel!

I’m sure I’m not the only lady out there whose sewing to-do list is lengthy enough to circle the earth 7 times.

There are just too many excellent ideas out there, too many projects that I have to try. My sewing to-do list keeps growing and growing and growing and growing, and it’s a rare day that I peek back through it and actually choose a project to make. (You know how we keep hearing about the obesity problem in America? I’m convinced my gigantic sewing to-do list is a big contributor to that epidemic. Really, it’s embarrassingly big.) Tackling that miles-long project list seemed like the perfect re*sew*lution for a lazy seamstress likes me, who loves admiring others’ work but never seems to find the time to turn it into my own work, too!

I knew exactly which project I wanted to take on first to start off a new year of sewing—Simple Simon & Company’s Starboard Skirt. From the moment I saw their beautiful take on this simple, preppy, ladylike style, I wanted one for myself. I even had the fabric already—leftovers from an upholstery project in my living room–so heaven only knows why I waited this long to create one for myself.

It was cinch to put together . . . an hour or so alone with my beloved sewing machine and some scrap upholstery fabric created this thing of beauty: a stylish little A-line, pleated-front houndstooth skirt. It was so fast, so simple, and looks so darling. The best part of this project, perhaps, was the comment I got from a friend at church last week when I wore my skirt for the first time: “Did you make your skirt? How cute! Wait . . .does it match your living room chairs?”

Why yes, my dear friend, yes it does. And that is how much love and care I put into my outfits. Enough to ensure that I can, if necessary, camouflage myself perfectly among my living room furniture.

And since this project went so well, I think I’m ready to tackle a few more items on my to-sew list. Thanks for inviting me to make some re*sew*lutions for the new year, Jessica—here’s to a great year of sewing!


Oh my goodness Rachel, you totally made me laugh with your friend’s comment! The skirt came out adorable, great job! And you are definitely not alone with your to-do list length! One of the reasons I love Pinterest, it helps keep my ‘bookmarked’ pages menu under control – Ha!

You can find Rachel from Maybe Matilda hanging out at:
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!