I love today’s guest, Destri founding editor of The Mother Huddle. She has one of the best blogs around, and is by far and away one of the nicest bloggers out there. Everything she puts out is classic, beautiful and tasteful, and quite simply perfect. Between her and her fellow authors, The Mother Huddle is the perfect place for all things family.

Destri is the resident seamstress and DIY girl of the group, and I always love everything she comes up with…

She even recently came out with her first pattern, ***ahem, it’s FREE***, for this super cute Swing Coat!

I haven’t tried it yet myself, but if I know Destri – trust me – it is perfect!

I mean how cute is that?!!

Now, of course I am primarily a sewing blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love food. And I have made a lot of recipes over the years from various place…some good, some {not} so good.

Throughout all of this experimenting, I have found a few trusted sites for recipes that I know will always make a fantastic dish…and The Mother Huddle is one of them! I cant tell you how many of their recipes I have bookmarked. And the ones I have tried are all household favorites!

These are just a few on the ‘still need to make’ list…

I mean……….YUM!

Between her sewing, kids crafts, recipes, and philanthropy – Destri and The Mother Huddle has become one of today’s top blogs. I am honored to welcome back my friend Destri to the site, so let’s see just what her New Years ReSewLution could be.

Welcome Back Destri!

Hello friends! I was so excited when Jessica asked me to be a part of this series because there are a couple sewing resolutions I have had in my mind for the new year, and with this one project I was able to accomplish both of them.

  • Sew more for myself
  • Have more fun sewing – wing it

The first is easy, I am sure a lot of you can relate with this – kids are just so much funner to sew for (at least that is what thought until I made this shirt).

The second is a little trickier, I can’t say I don’t always have fun sewing, but tend to take it a little too serious, and need to have more fun with winging it. I always sit down with pen and paper, include math, run the concept over and over in my head, and then fret over every detail while sewing. I usually make one test, then one final. That takes some of the fun away. I wanted this project to be easy, and carefree – if it works great if it doesn’t no biggie.

So today I have more of an idea than a tutorial. The idea is to take one of your favorite shirts and make a new one using it as a starting point. Maybe you have a shirt you love, but wish that it had the sleeves of this other one you have. Or maybe you just want to try a new cut for the top.

For me, I bought a shirt that I loved – it conceals my upper arms which I am not super fond of and has a great simple pattern. I just wished it was a little longer to cover my hips a bit, and more of a cowl neckline. Here is how I went about it:

First I have to slip in a thank you to Jessica – I have not had out my sewing machine once since we moved into a tiny temporary apartment, and this made me do it. It was a snug fit, and the photos aren’t great but I think they will do :).

Have you noticed the new trend in shirts? They have these huge sleeves that allow for one single panel for the front and one for the back – no sleeve placement! This is the shirt I am starting with. I decided to use the back as a my starting point, as I planned on changing up the front a bit. So with the shirt turned inside out I placed it on a single layer of fabric.

Then I just cut around it. The only thing I wanted to change about the back panel was the length, so I just left some when cutting. Also, I wanted it to be a little looser through the waist, so I left a little more ease there.

Now for the front panel. This is where the wingin’ it part came in. I wanted a cowl neckline. So I just gathered it up a bit at the top and resisted the urge to over think it. Now that I have it finished, I think I would have done this differently – but that is one thing I learned from this. You can learn something from winging it quicker than taking days to think about it :).

Next I just took the back panel and carefully placed it over the gathered top where I wanted the neckline to be, then just cut around it to make the front panel.

Now I have my back and front panel. I just pinned at the shoulder to make sure the front kept the shape. At this point I have about 15 minutes invested and that is with taking pictures – not bad! Normally by this time I would still be pondering the length to leave in the back 😉

Next, sew it up. See all those jagged edges…it was all I could do to leave em…but hey, it’s knit. I sewed up the top sleeve seams first starting at the neckline.

I got through the first seam just fine, but when I got to the end of sleeve number two..I was all like “what the hay?” The front panel sleeve was a good two inches longer then the back panel sleeve. Hmmm…then I started to sweat it. Then I remembered this was supposed to be fun, and decided just to roll with it. When I had it finished I could try it on and see where it needed trimming.

Are those jammie pants you ask? Why yes, yes indeed. Maybe should have thought that through a little :). So now I try it on. At this point I have 23 minutes into it. It doesn’t look too bad! I found out that I did need to just cut off that piece on the sleeve, but decided to actually make them 3/4 sleeve length anyways. And though I wanted more length on the bottom, I have a bit too much so I cut some off the bottom too.

Now for the neckline. It didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, but I still liked it.

I adjusted those things, left the hems unfinished (the joys of knit!) and voila’! A new shirt in thirty minutes! And I really do love it. It hides my upper arms that aren’t quite my favorite, the gathers at the waist are slimming, and the neckline is a little carefree.

So there you have it! Go dig through your closet and have fun just winging it. I already have two ideas I can’t wait to try.

Thanks so much for having me, I absolutely love Jessica’s little sewing spot..she’s quite the talent.


Destri first of all, you look lovely! That is such a fantastic shirt, and I absolutely love your ReSewLution. I think it is something we all need to try to do more of, have fun trying new things and sewing for ourselves! Thank you so much for being here and sharing!

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!