I knew my New Years ReSewLution long before I thought of this Series…

It has been a dream of mine to sell my own patterns. Before I started blogging this dream seemed so far away, one that might never come to fruition. And now I have you to thank. Because of you, all of my blogging friends, all of the encouragement, advice, and tips and tricks I have learned along the way – I am finally starting to achieve this goal.

My New Years ReSewLution is to make and sell Me Sew Crazy Patterns.

This has been probably the biggest learning curve for me. Trying to figure this all out, self teaching with Google as my guide. And it is hard work, oh my is it hard work. I used to give pattern makers credit, but not enough! Oh my goodness, creating is the EASY part!

All of the hard work it takes to make something perfect, something that you feel comfortable selling, all of the steps involved…my goodness – I had no idea! Making free tutorials, and throwing up a pattern in a single size – that is easy! HA! But putting in the time and effort to create something that will fit all variety of kids, the drafting, and the creating, and the proofing, and the pattern testing, and the re-editing, and the re-drafting. My goodness – have I mentioned before that I had no idea?!!

It actually has left me crying more than a few times, ready to give up. But here I am!

Now finding balance in what brings me joy (creating new things and sharing them with everyone), while trying to build a successful pattern shop as well (and the hard work that goes along with that)…that will be a challenge.

What you may find difficult to believe is that I have an incredibly hard time with finding BALANCE in my life. Once I get something in my head, I am like a dog with a bone. I just cant rest until it is done. I need to force myself to SLOW down.

I find great joy in creating something new on the fly, and sharing all of that free knowledge and tutorial information with you! Something I can whip together, have fun with, and relax. (In other words…hey, this fits me or my kid – hopefully it will fit you and yours too.)

So there is more to my New Years ReSewLution that just making patterns. I need to find BALANCE in it. I need to continue doing what I enjoy, the free tutorials and blogging. While balancing that with making patterns for sale. All the while, balancing those two things with my greater responsibility of taking care of my home and family.

So in order to keep this all enjoyable, I may not achieve my initial goal of a new pattern every month. (Yeah RIGHT, what was I thinking??!! HA!). But I do hope to put up a new pattern every 2 to 3 months.

It is my goal to be more like the woman of Proverbs for my family, and this Pattern Shop is hopefully the beginning of something that may help fund my children’s education someday.

So thank you again for all that you do for me, all of your support and love and kind words. Without them, I may not have gotten to this point.

With all of that being said, I would like to introduce my very first pattern…


Anna’s Ruffle Shirt Dress

The Anna Ruffle Shirt Dress e-Pattern is offered in Sizes 3 thru 8, with a customizable length. With step by step, easy to follow instructions, as well as loads of photos to help you along your way, you are sure to whip one up in no time!

The skill level is set for the ‘experienced-beginner’ and up. Without any zippers or other items that are normally reserved for a more experienced sewer, this is good for someone who knows their way around the machine.

You can find my patterns available HERE.


Thank you so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!