I love today’s guest – Kate from See Kate Sew!

See Kate Sew is such a pretty blog, I absolutely love peaking through it whenever I get the chance. Kate’s style is simply flawless, and she is always coming up with the most innovative ideas. I remember being absolutely bowled over by her when she turned an old book into a clutch…

I mean, who would ever think of doing that?! Kate – that’s who! And I was hooked ever since. She hosts fantastic Series, and is always coming up with the most beautiful women’s clothing…

Kate has inspired so many bloggers out there, including me, with her talent and creativity. And I am not even mentioning her fabulous photography skills.

Perhaps learning how to sew is your New Years ReSewLution? Then be sure to check out Kate’s Sewing 101 Page!

This woman has it all and then some.

So what, oh what, could she possibly be looking to tackle in the New Year?! Let’s find out…

Welcome Kate!

One of my “resewlutions” this year is to fix a half-rack of thrifted blouses and dresses I have hanging in my closet, just waiting for a new life. I love polka dots so this huge polka dot blouse was hard to not pass up. I love the high neck with buttons, the billowy sleeves and the sleeve cuffs on this blouse. But it didn’t quite fit right. It was a few sizes too big and makes me look a little bit like Veruca Salt. Also, the shoulders were way too big, which is a problem with lots of blouses from the shoulder pad era. Today I’ll show you how I fixed it! This can be applied to any blouse or dress that is too big in the shoulders, sleeves and bodice, so hopefully it will be helpful to you too!

To fix the shoulders, remove the sleeves from the bodice. Then line up a bodice pattern piece (with shoulders that fit me) to the shoulder seam of the blouse. Since the blouse has a high neck and the pattern piece doesn’t I offset it to account for that. Pin it on and cut the new sleeve hole.

Next, take in the sides by pinning, sewing and finishing the seam. How much you take in will depend on how big your blouse is. Do the same thing on your sleeves, tapering to the bottom edge.

I wanted to keep the puffy sleeves so I had to re-gather the top of each sleeve with baste stitching.

Then, reinsert your sleeves and you’re done!

I have a few more blouses hanging in my closet that need this treatment! I love me some thrifted polyester!

Thanks for having me Jessica!


What a beautiful refashion Kate! That shirt is beautiful, you will get so much use out of it! Talk about turning a Grandma shirt into something hip and fashionable. Thank you so much for sharing!

Be sure to hop on over to Project Run & Play where you can also see Kate sewing for the competition this Season! She has had some AMAZING entries, so be sure to show her some love and vote for your favorite!

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!