I actually stumbled across Sabra’s blog Sew a Straight Line in a round-a-bout way…someone had given her blog header a shout out – and I loved the rainbow design so much that I simply had to click it open. Once I was there, I couldn’t look away! I hadn’t even realized that I had bookmarked projects of hers in the past – and now I knew who to thank! I love finding new craft and sewing blogs to follow – don’t you?!

With 3 little men of her own, she is fantastic for little boy tutorials…

Looking to sew a little something for yourself? Sabra’s got that covered too…

And with the new addition of a baby girl last month, I have a feeling we will be looking forward to some little girl tutorials in the future! Yeah!

I cannot wait to hear what this Super Mom has up her sleeve as her New Year’s ReSewLution!

Welcome Sabra!

Hi, I’m Sabra from Sew a Straight Line. I was really excited when Jessica asked me to be a part of her ReSEWlutions series this month. My mind was a frenzy with visions of unfinished projects completed, new techniques mastered and fabric chaos controlled!

But see this pile of clothing?

Whenever I need to get fabric or other crafting supplies out, I have to push this pile of stuff aside, move it to another spot, and otherwise get it out of my way. It’s super annoying. But I keep this pile right on top of things because it’s supposed to take priority in my sewing.

This is my Needs Mending pile. I’m embarrassed to say that some of these things have sat for years, ignored and pushed aside. Half of this stuff doesn’t even fit anyone in our house anymore, they’ve been collecting dust for so long in this pile. I mean who wants to spend valuable sewing time patching knees and replacing zippers when there are fun, new things to make?

I had planned on another fun little “stash-busting” project to share for this post. But when I went to get out the fabric I had in mind, I had to move this pile aside. Again. And it occurred to me that if I really was honest with myself, The Pile was in need of resolution more than anything else.

And so for my New Year ReSEWlution I herby resolve to work on my Needs Mending pile!

This is my oldest son’s favorite shirt. He loves it so much, he wore a hole in the sleeve and then continued to work at it until it had degraded to this state.

It’s been on The Pile for a month now and daily, DAILY the kid asks me if I’ve gotten around to mending it.

This morning when he asked, I was able to proudly hand it over, mended and ready to be worn again.

And then I shoved the rest of the pile to the corner to ignore while I make something fun for my daughter. Baby steps, right?

Thanks for having me, Jessica. And my son thanks you for the motivation to finally get around to fixing a few things around here!


Sabra, I think I may have the same pile accumulating in the corner. It is just so much fun to make something new, and feels un-fun to mend – HA! But every now and then, we just need to go for it…and look how happy it made your son! At the end of the day, that is what it is all about :). Thank you again so much for being here and being a part of the Series!

You can find Sabra Sewing Straight Lines at her {blog}.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!