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Today I have the honor of welcoming Sachiko from Tea Rose Home to the New Years ReSewLution Series. To say I am a fan of Sachiko’s would be a huge understatement, I absolutely ADORE her site. Her romantic style is so light and airy, yet fresh and new all at the same time. You simply fall in love with her looks, whether it be for women…

Or fun for the kids…

Between her eye for lovely fashion or her fun with kids, you cannot go wrong at Tea Rose Home.

But what I may love most about Sachiko would be her heart for others.

She was, and still is, a huge inspiration for us during the Japan Disaster Relief with her call to help. And she is often using her sewing skills to help out her friends or others in her church.

She is a star blogger, and for good reason. We all love her.

I am very excited to see what Sachiko could possibly be looking to accomplish as her New Years ReSewLution in 2012…

Welcome Sachiko!

Hi, I am Sachiko from Tea Rose Home. It is so good to be here today visiting Jessica and all of you! There are so many things I can think of to improve, learn, and accomplish and have added them to my resolution list, although I have decided to take a baby steps. :) I am trying to use whatever I have in my stash instead of buying something new, and finish the projects that are lying around all over the house. That is, my friends, my main new year’s resolution.
My “Re*sew*lution” project is this sweater refashion. I picked it up from a thrift store for $3 last year, and it was sitting in the corner of the laundry room…

{You will need}
Laces, Ribbons and buttons
Matching thread
{How to}
1. Wear the sweater and decided how high you want the triangles to go. For example, just below the bust line or a few inches below the bust line. Also, mark the center with a pin.
2. I made a triangle template out of a cereal box and cut 8 triangles out of the fabric. The size of the triangles all depend on how long you cut into the sweater. If you want a more flared look, make sure that the triangle has a wide bottom. If you want a subtle flare, the triangle needs to have a narrow bottom.

3. Start making the cuts to the sweater. I made 8 cuts in all. In the center on the front and back, just to either side to those center cuts, and the sides of the sweater. They are about 4″ apart, but you need to adjust that according to the width of the sweater. Just make sure that they are equal and well balanced.

4. Fold the bottom of the triangles and sew.

5. Sew the triangles to the sweater using a Serger or zigzag stitches.

6. Since the sweater was one size bigger than my size, I cut off some fabric from the sides and under the arm.

7. Pin, and sew the side. Make sure to sew in the fabric triangle to the sides at this step.

8. Make sure to mark the center of the neckline. I wanted the neckline to be slightly lower, so I drew the line and made the cut around the neck.

9. Make bias tape for the neckline. I cut mine 1 3/4″ wide.

10. Sew the bias tape around the neck with zigzag stitches.

11. Start adding lace & ribbons between the triangles. Cut them to random lengths and seal the ends with fray check. Pin them in the desired places to check the balance and sew.

12. I didn’t care for the long sleeves, so I cut them… I made the cut at the ribbed part, and took 6″ off.

13. Sew the ribbed part back to the sleeves. I made it into 3/4 sleeves.

14. I thought it was a little bare around the neck, so I decided to decorate a little.
I made some yo-yo’s, leaves, and flowers out of lace. Pinned all the embellishments onto the sweater to decide where I wanted everything.

* Sizing for the embellishments
* Yo-yo’s: (S) cut 1 1/2″circles, (L) 2 1/2″ circles (here is the link to how to make yo-yo’s)
* Leaves: use 3/8″ wide velvet ribbon. Cut 2″ and fold it in half and lay both ends together and sew.
* Lace flowers: (I used 5/8″ wide lace.) Cut a piece 5″ long and gather the top and make a flower.
15. I wanted a little something at the back of the neck too. So, I added a tag with ribbon.

It is all done. All I needed to do was to try it on…


How was my Re*Sew*lution? I hope you have enjoyed it. :)


Thank you so much for being here Sachiko! That sweater is absolutely adorable, I love your usage of godets and lace! And as always, the flowers around the neckline? Fabulous!!!

You can find all of Sachiko’s wonderful projects at her {blog} Tea Rose Home!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!

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  1. says

    Just gorgeous! I love Sachiko’s blog too and all the stunning items she makes. This sweater is no exception! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to give it a try myself.

  2. says

    I have admired Sachiko’s work and taste for a longtime. I absolutely this sweater makeover. I am a senior with “tummy spread”. This ‘tute/project’ is so easy. You have saved my cable sweater which is just like yours! Thanks, Sachiko.

  3. says

    This is perfect! We did a sort of thrift store Christmas this year and my sister gave me a great brown Gap sweater that is too tight around the tummy and I’d like to give it a more feminine shape too. I wasn’t sure if I could cut a knit sweater, but this tutorial has given me the confidence to try it. :-)

  4. says

    Very Lovely. good idea to use up all those leftover laces and flower print remnants.

    It looks like a one day project coming after a visit to a thrift shop…Thank you for the great idea.

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