Last year was the first Valentine’s we celebrated where Chloe really got cards from classmates, and it was quite possibly the sweetest thing. She kept those little cards for months in a white paper bag that the teacher had given her, and would take them out on occasion to read them. She just felt so loved by her classmates, and it warmed my heart.

My issue? I had to have a large white paper bag out and sitting in her room for months on end, because she couldn’t bear the thought of parting with it. Not such a big concern really in the greater scheme of things…but this year I came prepared.

I made a cute little Valentine’s Day Card Holder for Chloe, and now she is all set to receive all of those little Dora, Princess, and Cars themed Valentine’s Day cards in style.

Here is how you can make your own Ruffled Valentine’s Purse…

(And PS – that top left square is supposed to say Back of purse on the V Shape)

And we are almost finished….

You are all done!

Of course at this age, their first Valentine should always come from Mommy and Daddy…

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Happy Sewing!

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