Up & Down Penguin {pattern and tutorial}


Today I have a tutorial for you to make the lovable penguin based on the book Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers.

After falling in love with the story, I started to look at the illustrations a little closer and realized that it was totally something I could recreate. The penguin is simple enough, and cute enough, that it was worth the effort to try.

And I am so happy I did! The pattern, which can be found HERE, is for a KNIT version. in other words, I did not try it with a non-stretch fabric – but rather made it from a bunch of old T Shirts and scrap fabric I had lying around.


Want to make your own Up & Down Penguin? Here is what you need to do…

First, print out the pattern which I linked to above.  Once you have all the pieces cut out…

I added a little embroidery stitching, to give it a more handmade effect.  In the illustrations, there was a lot of gray – so I thought the embroidery would pick up on that.

Simple, but not perfect.

You can of course do buttons for the eyes, but I was giving this to my infant – and I worry about him biting one off and choking on it…hence, embroidery.


Make the cut slit the same size, or just a hair smaller, than the beak.


You may want to add a bit of stuffing to the beak now, as it is harder to do later.




Notice how the arm seams are at a 90 degree angle from the side seam.


Smoosh that sucker down!




You have to really fluff the penguin’s stuffing to make it not lumpy (since we used T Shirt fabric).  The knit doesn’t hide the lumps as well as regular woven cotton.


And there you have it!  The adorable Up & Down penguin!  Pretty simple, right?  Use the printable I put in yesterday post and attach it as a gift for the little man or lady in your life…

Later on this week I will show you how to make the helmet so that your Penguin can fly :).


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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  1. says

    I have never seen the book but my 7 year old saw me reading this tutorial and asked me to make him the penguin except with a red beak and feet…something about a specific type of penguin he wanted… So today I made him one using fleece. Thanks so much for this cute and easy tutorial. He loves it. :)

  2. SOO says

    Very cute penguin!
    I’m new to sewing. Need some help.
    Do I cut my cloth bigger than the drawing to allow for the seam?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Can’t wait to start


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