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It is a well-known fact that I love to prepare for the Spring season by starting my kids off with new handmade clothing sprinkled into their Spring wardrobes. After all, we are currently in the middle of going through these clothing tutorials through the entire month of March!

IMG_3546 IMG_3603

But for me there is another thing that always comes with the Spring season…allergies. I don’t know about you guys, but I suffer…BADLY. What is a breastfeeding Mom to do? I can’t take regular allergy medicine, and I don’t want to be left indoors all day long (where I will more than likely still be sneezing anyway).

That’s where Similasan comes in. When BlogHer contacted me to see if I wanted to review this new, homeopathic allergy relief, I was on board. They sent me some of the Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief nasal mist and I was good to go!

After all, what fun is making all of this cute handmade clothing if I am not there to see my kids running around in it outside?!! So when the nice weather hit this past weekend, I was prepared…

I was surprised at how well Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief was able to reduce my allergy symptoms. Having had sinus pressure for what feels like weeks now, it was so nice to finally have some relief from that headache. The runny nose and sneezing practically disappeared!

And knowing it was all natural was a comfort to me as a breastfeeding mother. Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief is one of the only all natural, chemical and preservative free nasal sprays, using 100% natural active ingredients. This effective allergy relief is not only homeopathic but is also safe from reliance, unlike some other nasal sprays out there. That makes me feel better knowing that what goes into my body is coming out safely for baby.

Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief not only reduced my sneezing and runny nose but also helped the congestion that often accompanies these symptoms!

And my weekend? Well, it was all play…and maybe a little work. After all, what good is a new Spring Clothing Collection without great outdoor photos… IMG_3747 2IMG_3654

Similasan can be found at your local Walgreens, and all the other major on-line retailers as well.

So tell me…how do you prepare for the Spring season? Leave a comment telling me about it to be entered for your chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!!!

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Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit is the founder and creative director behind the me sew crazy blog, as well as, 5 & 10 Designs, GNO Events, and co-editor of STYLO. She resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and 3 children.
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    I do have some allergies, but I do my best to just ignore them…
    I realized that my sensibility changed during and after pregnant, so it will be a surprise this year if I will react allergic to something or not.
    Are there birches in California, anyway? I really don”t know…

    But I always do have some medication at home, so I can take something when the problems will come – ha, I am not breastfeeding anymore, I can take whatever I like,


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    I prepare for spring by having a big wardrobe clean out. Then I sell everything I haven’t worn in the last year on eBay. The rest is

  4. says

    luckily ive only had to deal with allergies when i was preggers. normally i would be spring cleaning, but thankfully i did all of my spring cleaning a few months ago with all of the reno’s and repainting i went crazy doing.

    it sure is feeling like spring here though:)

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    I usually prepare for Spring by cleaning out all of the winter clothes and swapping in the summer wardrobes. It usually takes a few weeks to get cycle everything through the washer and get it into bins, then into the garage.

  7. says

    I prepare for the spring by cleaning and organizing my house from top to bottom! During the winter I just throw clothing that no longer fits my kids in some large tubs, then in the spring I go through it all and sort it into proper size tubs. Ugh… such a long project! Better go get started…

  8. says

    I don’t usually do anything special to prepare for spring. But this year I brought my me and my dd new flip flops. And my goal is to sew more cloths for my DD this year for spring and summer.

  9. says

    Prepare? I’m mentally preparing myself for spring all winter long! LoL ;) But I have to say that when the nice weather finally rolls around I’m all about exercising and adding lots of new spring dresses to my wardrobe! :)

  10. says

    Well, we do not really have any traditions we do (I do) to get ready for Spring. It usually arrives and and THEN I start thinking of stuff I should do – like clean out closets, plant, wash windows etc.

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    I like to Spring clean by shampooing the carpets and sofas. Clean out the children’s dresser drawers, and go through their old toys. Not bothered by allergies at all but my husband suffers dreadfully.
    mnrridgeway (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I never win these things and I doubt that I will this time, either, but that’s not why I read your blog anyway. I prepare for spring by giving my house a good cleaning and trying to organize my studio. I have such plans for my studio, but with no budget, it will have to wait. I love perusing blogs to see what grand ideas other people have, and I like dreaming! Your blog I read because you are an interesting writer, a wonderful mom, and an excellent seamstress. Tell me, do you know how to reverse engineer clothing? If you do and would be amenable, I’d love for you to guest blog for me at Thanks for the wonderful job you do~ I’m addicted!

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    I prepare for spring by cleaning out the garden beds and planting the lettuce – the first wonderful crop of the year!

  16. says

    I usually prepare by spring cleaning and moving some of the sweaters/cold weather clothing out of my closet and bringing in the t-shirts and shorts.

  17. says

    I’m getting ready for spring by a good old fashioned reorganizing/cleaning/de-cluttering session, and this year, I get to help my husband prepare for finals…such fun!

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    I’m preparing for Spring by planning all the parties for our May/June birthday bonanza, plus one graduation party this year! It’s a great motivator to get those little projects done so this house is in tip top entertaining shape. (why do I feel the need to clean out closets for parties?)

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    I prepare for spring by keeping lots of tissues on hand for our seasonal allergies. I do a lot of spring cleaning and dusting as well.

  20. says

    I usually don’t get allergy symptoms….until this year. Maybe I’m getting old? Maybe my body changed and I started to get all these allergy symptoms that I’m so not used to! I’m getting prepare for Spring season with a major clean up of my home and in serve for an allergy relief. Similasan sounds wonderful to try. Thank you for the information.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

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    I had horrendous allergies when I was pregnant with my first child and refused to take anything…misery! Luckily when we moved to NC my allergies became a lot more mild. I also read that eating the local honey can improve your allergies because your body gets used to the pollens. Not sure if it was the move or the honey :)

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    I recently planted some daffodils and tulips……They make me smile and see that spring/better weather is ahead. I also get on a walking kick because I am usually lacking the much needed vitamin D after the winter months

  23. says

    I’m doing a lot of yardwork and cleaning inside the house. A lot of trying to get rid of things/clothes we don’t use and donating them!

    jfong1130 at yahoo dot com

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    We do the house cleaning- wash rugs, change curtains, dust every corner to get ready for spring.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  25. says

    Hmm, not sure I “prepare”. I happily throw most of my clothes in boxes (except some sweatpants, ’cause come on, they’re awesome). Turn off our heat! And get outside with my little boy :)
    skklemm at gmail dot com

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    I prepare for Spring by cleaing, decluttering and putting away our winter clothes and giving the clothes that no longer fit to charity

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  27. says

    I plant a garden and dig around in the dirt…guess I shoulda said “Spring Cleaning”, but if you know me, you know that’s a lie ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway – dmarie824 at aol dot com

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    To prepare for Spring, I usually do a spring clean up outside and start our garden. We also do spring cleaning.
    Since I suffer from minor allergies, I usually take a otc medicine.
    Thanks so much.

  29. says

    I don’t have any health conditions I need to prepare for, I do start some routines I only do in warmer weather, like exercising and gardening. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  30. says

    Excellent review. I prepare for spring by packing my bags and flying back to the northeast from a warmer climate. I’m not too bothered with allergies, however, I am very pleased to see an all natural product on the market at long last. Thanks for sharing with this great review!

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    Since spring only lasts about five minutes in the South, there’s not much to get ready for. But I can tell the extreme shifts in temperature really do a number on my sinuses! I have been using a saline inhaler to see if that will help. Too early to tell, but I like “natural” remedies instead of …er… “unnatural” ones. So I’d definitely be willing to give Similasan a try!

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    My husband has bad allergies and this is “snot-season”. I prepare by washing out the filter in our bedroom window air conditioner since it’s been in the attic all winter and vacuuming under the bed in our room. I also take down the blinds and valances and wash them. I think it really helps keep his allergies in check at night when our room is clean and as dust-free as I can get it. It’s also time to change out our drawers to and put away sweaters and bring out the shorts (there’s not enough drawer space for each season, so we have to rotate).

    shel704 at aol dot com

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    I prepare for spring by being sure that I have plenty of “tears” eye drops. I don’t usually get nasal allergy symptoms, but my eyes make me NUTS! On a fun note, I also start shopping for veggie seeds and flower seeds for the spring/summer growing season!
    14earth at gmail dot com

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    My favorite thing – What I get so excited to do all winter – to prepare for spring is to start my seeds for plants for my garden. I have a great set up in my basement and I’ve got a quite a green thumb and can start almost anything from seed to plant. I start upwards of 250 plants from seed each spring and I love to watch them sprout and grow. They are like my babies.

  36. says

    I plan and plant my veggie garden in Spring. I have to take some kind of allergy med year round but in Spring and most of the Summer I have to take a higher dose.


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    I prepare by raiding my closets and cupboards for all the things that are no longer loved and finding new homes for them. I love Freecycle so that I can give things to people who really want them instead of filling the land fills.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

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    I am also doing a lot of Spring cleaning/decluttering. Stowing away all of our cold weather clothing that takes up so much room. Cleaning all the windows and mini-blinds so the sun shines in.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

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