Have you seen the movie Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen?  I am not typically a Woody Allen fan, my hubby and I rented this not knowing it was one of his. But I must admit, we actually really liked it! The screenplay was something so different than anything we had ever seen. Owen Wilson was fantastic in it, and his leading ladies were so fascinating each in their own right. But my goodness, the costumes…I was in love.

So much so, that I simply had to remake one of their 20’s dresses into something for my own kids.

And that is how Chloe and Madeline came upon their Easter dresses this year. In 20’s style…

I decided to make Chloe’s in all pink linen, with contrasting pink trim. I like this because you really get to see the detail, and well…Chloe loves her some pink.


We had a lot of fun at the photo shoot. She especially likes it when I do the chicken dance.



But I must admit, I think I like Madeline’s version more.

Whenever I ask Madeline what she wants to wear she always says the same thing – ‘flowers’. So naturally, I aim to please…



To make your own Love in Paris 20’s dress, click HERE. Free pattern for Size 3T & 5T.

I hope you like it.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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