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In case you missed it, Amy’s Ruffled Bloomers premiered as a guest post for See Kate Sew’s Ruffle Series earlier this month…



Is there anything cuter than bloomers on a baby? Seriously though.

My best friend is having her very first baby this Summer, a baby girl. Say it with me, awwwwwww…I know, I am so excited for this new Momma-to-be! And we all know what it is like to have that very first girl, its just…magic.

Needless to say, I had to make her something.  Something handmade, unique and special for just her and that little lady.

So what could be cuter than bloomers on a baby? Ruffles on bloomers on a baby!

IMG_4052 IMG_4046

We have all seen the absolutely adorable ruffled butt bloomers, I decided to take that same idea and give it a bit of a twist. Placing the ruffles on side panels, and accenting with a giant bow that ties around the back.

Are you ready to make some Ruffled Baby Bloomers of your own?

First print out the free pattern pieces for size 0-6 months found HERE.

Once you have your pattern pieces cut, we can start sewing. I used linen, but any kind of cotton or knit will work just fine.  Being a visual person, I like lots of photos with my tutorials. So be prepared for photo overload. Let’s go…

First, hem the bottom of each ruffle.

Do a zig zag stitch to secure ruffle onto side panel.


Be sure to leave room on the top when doing this, as well as checking that your ruffle will cover the top of the next ruffle when turned down.

Notice, there is about a 2″ gap from the top on the side panel once the ruffle is turned down.


Set ruffled side panels aside for now, and lets work on the front and back pieces.

Set aside front and back pieces, and now work on the ribbon strap.


You can opt to do this on the back pieces if you wish. I liked the look of the ribbon strap tying around all the way from the front to the back.

Now, let’s pick up those side panels again…

I am not saying it in the instructions…but as a side note – I always finish all of my seams. Either with a serger or zig zag stitch.



We are almost done!


I did the waistband casing a little different. I didn’t want it to be all the way under the ribbon straps – so in order to keep it higher I sewed first in between the ribbon straps in front, then again around the back.

You can use 1/2″ elastic cut around 15 – 16″ in length.

Hem the bottom of the bloomers, and you are finished! You can of course add an elastic casing around the legs if you wish – just use 1/4″ elastic at 8″ in length.

And there you have it – super cute ruffled bloomers for the little lady in your life!


I cannot wait to see the look on my friend’s face as she opens up this little package all wrapped up in pink tissue paper.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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  1. says

    Forthe pink side panel pieces what size do youcut those too? For the ruffles how wide and long do you cut those strips? Lastly how much fabric of the two colors do you need?

  2. says

    Hey Nicole – all of this info is in the pattern pages print out. Everything except the fabric requirements that is. I am guessing here, as it was a while ago that I made these – but thinking a little between 1/4 – 1/2 yard for the main fabric pieces, and 1/4 yard – 1/2 yard for the side panels and ruffles.


  3. Heather Noel Conner says

    Thank you for sharing your tutorial! I used your pdf pattern as a guide to make these in a size 4T. They turned out perfect and it only took a little bit of time to make them. So happy with these darling little shorts!


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