I’m back! And with something sparkly – YEAH!

After the holidays I kept seeing all of these sequin shirts on the clearance rack at Target. I am new to sequins but I thought that for $7, it was worth the experiment. And it totally worked…


I love my new clutch, perfect for any fancy night on the town – or if I am just feeling a little flashy one day. Bling! HA!

Making it was pretty easy, and the sequins were fantastic to work with! So much easier than I expected. You definitely need a vacuum on hand, because things get messy quick when you are cutting into them. But there were no broken needles, no broken thread, I might as well have been working with a regular thicker fabric.

I started with an XL sequin shirt…


Add a little scrap leather that I picked up for a few bucks at Michael’s and a magnetic snap closure, and I was in business.

Let me show you what I did…


Cut off the side seam, and you will now you have a front and back piece.

Sequin shirts also typically have a lining inside of them.  You can use the lining inside the shirt as the lining for your purse!

From the top of the shirt that you just cut off, simply cut your desired shape for your exterior flap.

Cut Lining pieces to match accordingly.

Use a heavy interfacing to iron onto the back of your lining pieces – I actually used some left over vinyl pieces I had sitting around.  This gave the purse the firmness I wanted, without making it stiff.  Highly recommend it!  

Baste stitch your stabilizer pieces around the lining.  Also for your sequin pieces, you may want to baste stitch a thinner fabric if needed around the edges to keep it from being to flimsy to work with.

Follow your magnetic closure instructions, and apply to the inside flap piece (lining).

With right sides together, sew the flap to the back purse piece. (lining)

Sew the front and back purse pieces right sides together (lining)

Now, working with your sequin pieces, first add your other snap closure end to the front piece (be sure to line up with your lining flap)

Sew purse together as we did with the lining.

Now attach the lining to the exterior…




You can keep it like this…super cute.

But if you want to add a leather bow…



I used heavy glue to attach to the front of the purse in the center middle.  I figured this purse is for me on a nice night out…probably wont need to worry about washing it ever so glue wasn’t going to be a problem.  


I plan on wearing something nicer than jeans and a striped T Shirt when I do use it :).

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!