So what do you give your childhood friend who gave birth to twin boys?

2Pac and Biggie freezer paper stenciled Onesies of course!

I simply googled Black and White Biggie and 2Pac images, and was able to find some awesome vector art that I knew I could work with using an exacto knife… 


After dying some plain white onesies to a more ‘manly’ baby color, I went to work.  I cant tell you how thankful I am that these came out, it was a lot of work with that teeny tiny exacto knife!  There is a great tutorial for showing how to do this found HERE

I hope she likes them, you never can quite tell whether someone is going to get your sense of humor or not.  I know I was super impressed with them when I was done!  HA.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!