As Good as it Gets…

Trying to get all three kids picture together is..interesting.

99 out of 100 look something like this:


And the 1 that you do get, this is as good as it gets:


We are working on it.

Anyone out there have any tips for making it work? I could use some help here. Lol

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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    Your kids are so cute!!! The only tips I have are try to have everything set up before you have the kids get together (ie move distracting things out of the background, camera charged and settings set), which can be nearly impossible as a mom and enlist a silly helper so you can focus on taking pictures. Oh and new props like big colorful lollipops or bubbles or balloons can make for a few fun pictures.

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    It took me 3 years to get a really decent shot of my three girls all looking at the camera at once. 4 years to get them to all smile at the same time. I think I cherish the crazy photos more, though. Much more representative of our actual lives =)

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    I have the same pictures with three. Two I can do. Three—

    I was just trying to decide the other day if it was worth it to do a photo shoot with all three in the near future.

    I am still deciding ;)

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    Those look better than my pictures of three! My baby isn’t sitting up yet, and the other two are so little, so the best way for me to get them together is to have them all laying on the ground or something to that effect. :) If you get some good tips, pass them along, would ya? :)

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    Some great tips here and I definitely struggle here, too. One thing that makes things easier with groups of little ones is to get them someplace where they can’t move out of line – like sit them all up on a counter or assign them a bench to sit on, tell them to wrap their arms around each other – if they have a job that keeps them all in line, then at least you can get a pic of them all in focus! Once they’re in line, sometimes I’ll ask them to tell me how many fingers I’m holding up (right behind camera lens) – while they’re looking and waiting or shouting out the number, I can usually snap several pics. Also, CONTINUOUS SHOOTING, I never walk away from a photo shoot of a group with less than 300 or so pics to sort through. And my very best trick? Getting the kids’ daddy to stand behind me and entertain!! That and sugar.

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    I can only get a good picture of my kids from the side or behind, it’s rare for them to look at the camera, lol. Sometimes I will take a picture of my 1 1/2 yr old by putting a sticker on the palm of her hand to keep her from moving. When I’m doing other people’s kids, I make turkey noises and crazy stuff like that… my own kids are pretty much used to everything by now though! lol.

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    The best luck I’ve ever had with a photo shoot was when our friend’s 12-year-old daughter (that my 2 and 4 year old adore) stood behind me making poses for them to mimic! When there’s no charismatic 12-year-old around, Lord help us all.

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