Looking for a quick rain coat for your little one? I happened to be on the market for two new raincoats since my kids outgrew their ones from a couple of years ago.  I stumbled across this adorable rainbow polka dot Sunny Skies fabric by Riley Blake in cotton laminate (my favorite), and fell head over heels. And an easy Circle Poncho Raincoat was born.

Circle Poncho Raincoat DIY.

Circle Poncho DIY - an easy sewing tutorial for a poncho raincoat

circle poncho DIY - sew an easy kids raincoat using this poncho tutorial and laminate cotton

Circle Poncho DIY - make an easy raincoat using laminated cotton

What is not to love?!  Instead of a structured rain coat, this fun and happy fabric needed a swinging style. And I was more than happy to whip something up for the youngest daughter in the house.

Making one is pretty simple. Don’t be scared off by working with laminates, it isn’t as hard as you think!    I really love working with this versatile fabric.  Let me show you what I did to make this poncho.



  • 1.5 yds laminate cotton – Exterior Fabric
  • 1.5 yds Cotton – Lining
  • T-Shirt that fits well for pattern
  • Basic Sewing Essentials



You can actually omit cutting the armholes if you don’t want to add sleeves to the poncho.  I like sleeves for my kids so they can still wear their backpacks in the rainy weather.



I always make my sleeves longer than necessary, lesson I have learned throughout the years to extend the life of your kids clothing!




The great thing when you are doing all of this with the laminate is that you are working with the wrong side constantly against the sewing machine, so you don’t need to worry about the ‘sticky’ factor.


Now for the hood.  Grab a pre-existing hooded sweatshirt for pattern sizing.

Be sure to add extra room around the back and top of hoodie for pattern for a nice roomy hood.






I like using this method for hemming the sleeves as it eliminates any tricky sewing with the laminate.  Your machine is always on the cotton!



You will be thrilled with this poncho, and it will last for a couple of years (which in kid life is an eternity).  Cotton laminate can go in the washer and dryer, or better yet – just get wiped off.  How stinking cool is that?!  And with all of the absolutely fantastic designs coming out now in this fabulous fabric – you just have to try working with it for yourself!!!

Got some skills?  Try sewing an inside back panel pocket so that the poncho can fold in on itself and turn into a bag you can carry around.  You know you want to.  Later on this month I get to show off the more structured raincoat I made for my eldest daughter Chloe, using Riley Blake’s Fly a Kite laminate.  Love, love, love, love, love.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!

How to make a poncho with sleeves, easy raincoat DIY