Gearing up for my very first Craft Fair in less then 2 weeks, and outside of the mass amount of sewing I am doing, I am also doing a lot of research on things.

First off…pricing. I mean, how do you know what to price your items?!! When I look around on Etsy to research, I am just blown away.  I mean – do people calculate an hourly wage for themselves at all? Just cost of materials alone does not give one a going rate for a finished product. GAH.    I have this irrational fear that I should be marking my things at the lowest price, the price you could buy it for at Target, just so people will buy them.

Luckily I was able to find a few good articles to help guide me in that direction, as well as answering a couple of other questions I had including wholesale vs. retail pricing.  You can find them here:
Freshly Picked
Glue & Glitter
What the Craft

Another biggie is display.  Trying to figure out how we, me and my friend Karen of Fancy Fonts, are going to set up one little teeny tiny 6 foot table. Lots of ideas out there to get me going in the right direction though…

Source: One Lucky Ducky via Craft & Show Designs

Source: Flickriver via Pinterest

I know I wanted to start small for my very first one, so I got the 6 foot table underneath the awning.  But of course now I am wondering if I should have went bigger.  

I think I am just starting to get nervous.  There are so many ‘what ifs’…

What if I cant get my act together in time?  What if people hate my product, which would feel like a total reflection on me?  What if no one buys anything?  Or on the other hand, what if people love my products and they buy everything and I am all sold out.  What if I don’t have enough?  What if there are technical difficulties?   

I just need to remember to keep walking forward, one step at a time.  

And with that said, its back to my assembly line Bustle Backpack sewing.  (The hardest item I am making for the fair by far – I kept everything else nice and simple).  


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing.