Looking for something a bit more comfy and lightweight to wear this Summer? (or how about, looking to not look like such a dork in clothing photos? What is this – my Victoria Secret pose? HA!)

How about a pair of knit yoga pants with a bell bottom leg?! I admit, these weren’t my idea. I had a pair like this years and years ago when I was pregnant with Chloe – and oh my, how I loved them. I practically lived in them! But alas, in the many years, moves and shuffles later – they have been lost.

As I was pulling out my same old yoga pants the other day to lounge around in, that old bell bottom pair popped into my head – and it suddenly dawned on me. DUH – I could make them. (hand slap on forehead, and it took you how long to realize that?!! Lol)

These are truly the most comfortable pants.  Plus they are not the same old, ‘I ran out of the house in my work out gear (aka – yesteryears sweatpants)’, but rather – yes these are made out of knit, and yes – I look awesome, thank you for noticing.

They look like an intentionally cute outfit. And you get bonus points if you wear a fun necklace with it!


Oh wait…look, I see some squirrels that I simply must stare down. Gah!

Ok, so you want to make a pair for yourself? Let’s get to it.

First off, decide the weight of the knit you want to use. This pair was made from a really light weight knit (think T Shirt knit) – which makes it super flowy and perfect for Summer. But if you are wanting to wear these pants in the cooler months, I would suggest a heavier knit (think interlock). They will still look great, and imagine them with comfy uggs and a fabulous cowl…yes.

Once you have your fabric, you will need a pair of leggings or yoga pants you already have on hand for sizing. Then…


(The leggings I used in the above picture for sizing were capris, so I had to adjust the bottom of my pattern to the length desired for pants.) 

Cut all the way to the top of the waistband on the leggings pattern.  Trust me for later on this one, you can always cut down if need be.   And cut down in an arc, the wider the arc – the more ‘belly’ your pants will be!

Repeat the front & back side seam sewing for other side of pants. Then…


At this point, I tried on the pants, only to see them belling out at the back of my bum.  If your baby don’t got back, you probably don’t need to worry about this.  But if Sir Mix-a-lot was your friend growing up, add a dart. 


Problem?  Now that you added your back dart, the front of your pants are too high.  Let’s adjust…


Okay, so the bottom of our pants are all set.  Time to make the waistband…


And there you go!  Some perfectly awesome, perfectly comfy, perfectly 70’s chic pants to rock out in…


I kick butt at taking photos of myself…clearly.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!