The Madeline Dress is here!!!

I am so very proud of this dress and pattern, words cannot express. I first got the idea for this dress when I saw a lovely number with a sloped front going upwards. With all of the stripes and wavy lines I am so interested in lately, this was a natural progression for me.

But I still wanted to do something more…

That is where the idea for the fun back came in. By keeping the back bodice sloped, but open, it gave the fun effect of a backwards collar.

The arced front, and underlining bodice are both fully lined, which provide for an extremely professional finish. Add to that a nice full skirt, and button back closure, and you have all the makings of a fantastic little dress for your little one…

But of course I didn’t stop there, because what dress would be complete without a little bow somewhere?!!

With this optional embellishment, I felt like the dress was fully complete. Fun and chic with boutique style sophistication, yet still kid-like and perfect for every day dress up!

The bodice comes with 2 separate options for completion, Option One I like to call ‘the quick and dirty’ – have a serger? That is the route for you because you don’t mind some exposed bodice seams. Or Option 2, the more professional method for those of you who like to take your time to make an absolutely perfect product with all bodice seams completely concealed. Both ways yield an incredible dress, and there are loads of photos to help you along your way.

But the very, VERY best part?  The digital images are only 4 pages!  That is only 4 pieces of paper you have to tape together.  How great is that?!!


For more information and to purchase the Madeline Dress ePattern, click HERE.

I hope you like it as much as we do!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!