Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?!!

Image via: Burda Style Tumblr

This fabulous present came for me, and I couldn’t wait to open it!

How perfect is this clock? Turns out my anonymous gifter was checking out my Pinterest page after all. This clock is one of the very first pins I ever made on my Craft Ideas page, thanks to something on Burda Style’s Tumblr page.

Could there be anything more perfect for me?!

And I had just the place to put it in my sewing area…


I would show you my entire area, but am afraid you will run away screaming to see how messy I keep everything – HA!

Thank you again so much to my anonymous gifter, I absolutely love my clock! And thank you to Linda for hosting such a fun exchange. More details can be found HERE on that.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!