About a month back I stumbled across this post from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous , a handmade gift exchange!

I thought it would be a lot of fun to participate in, and jumped on board.

(Google+ is good for some things. Like having so few people use it, that you actually get to see some of the things posted that aren’t all jumbled together on Facebook – HA!).

I had so much fun trying to come up with something for that special person that was picked for me to give a gift to. Getting their Pinterest board information so I could see their personal style. And just finding out more about someone else that I may not have ever come to know!

With a yen for working with leather, I decided upon a scalloped leather clutch…

This little piece can be used as a business card holder, credit card holder, mini wallet, or even a gift card holder. Or you can make one larger to use as a full size clutch!


Wanting to work more with the leather and see how I could play with it, I added a fun scalloped trim to the envelope front…


I love the way it turned out, and I hope my giftee does to!

Want to make one of your own? Here’s how…









And there you have it! It wasn’t that hard to make, I would say the biggest thing was getting the needle through some of the many pieces of leather. And just by pushing the end down on a hard sturdy surface, it would slip right on through.

Want to participate in the Craftaholics Gift Exchange? You can find more info here for November.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!