A few months ago I started talking about a little website I started working on called SewSet

SewSet. See.Save.Sew.

  Well, its HERE!  And I couldn’t be more proud.  

SewSet is a forum where users can freely upload and share their patterns and tutorials with the on-line sewing community, search the sewing directory, and save their favorites for future reference.  Your on-line sewing source if you will.  

We have made SewSet as easy to use as possible.  Think of it as a powerful mix between Pinterest and your weekly link party!  With each tutorial or pattern taking less than 2 minutes to upload, you will find adding your sewing creations to be a breeze.    

The home page will showcase my daily top pattern and tutorial picks…

And under each main category you will find loads of subcategories to help refine your search, as well as a powerful back engine key-word search.

SewSet returns all searches in random order each time a category is opened, which means you no longer need to worry about your placement in the list.  Furthermore, you can also filter your search with ‘free tutorials’, ‘patterns for sale’, or to ‘search all’.

See something you like?  Simply click to open it for more details…

Each pattern and tutorial is set to link back to the designers direct URL page, which means you can choose to either go to their website for the full Pattern & Tutorial…

Or save it to your ‘Favorites Folder’ for future reference!

You can even search by designer to see a list of projects made and uploaded specifically by them, and check out their designer profile…

The best part?  At every angle we operate to give you more exposure.  With links to your blog or webpage, your facebook page, even your Twitter and Pinterest accounts, it is our goal to help future followers find you!  SewSet is strictly operating as a large sewing brochure, and at every turn for more information on any project you will be directed back to the URL link provided with each project.  

We are not a shop, simply a directory.  It is our goal to give those who offer patterns a place to be found and seen, and to give those who are searching, a place to find them.

I have had some fabulous feedback from friends who were kind enough to help me with the Soft Launch, tweaking it to perfection…Now its YOUR turn.

Hop on over to become a member, upload your own patterns & tutorials, and spread the word! 

If the sewing and blogging community embraces SewSet, we can truly turn it into a fantastic on-line sewing source!  It’s time the sewing world got in on the ravelry fun, and we are only just in the beginning stages with SewSet.  Let’s get the ball rolling!

See. Save. Sew.