I have been on a bit of a pajama kick lately, what can I say – I just love making my kids matching pajama bottoms. And when I came across a super cute XXL butterfly cotton T Shirt, I knew I was in for another upcycle.

This time I got a bit creative with them though.

You see, I also happen to be a complete clearance items addict. Give me a basket filled with things on ‘clearance’, and I will sort my way through that bad boy until I get to the bottom. What that leaves me with though is a bunch of random notions that sit around collecting dust. Such as this hot pink lace. I bought it ages ago, and never really quite knew what to do with it.

It was bit hard and stiff to use on regular clothing, and I am not much into making things for the home. So there it sat.

Until I came across this butterfly shirt, and inspiration struck.


These shorts have become a fast favorite in our house, they are just so darned comfy!

Want to add some lace or other notion into a regular old pair of shorts you are making? Here’s how I did it…


(Sorry in advance for the washed out photos…if I was thinking properly, I would have put the shorts on a different color background! Doh!)




And continue sewing your shorts together as you normally would!

And there you have it, the harsh notion doesn’t need to touch your child’s delicate skin and be scratchy.  It adds just a touch of whimsy to be fun, without turning it into something more suited for an adult.  

As for my kids, I am pretty sure they were abducted by aliens. I don’t know who these loving sisters are…


They are never this cute together! HA! Glad I happened to capture it on film for the 5 minutes that it lasted…


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!