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When Andrea from The Train to Crazy said she was starting to make her own patterns, I was so excited for her! I just knew that with her incredible attention to detail, we were going to be in for some fantastic style done right. She did not disappoint.

When I saw her very first pattern release, the Signature Dress, I was absolutely blown away!

Not overlooking any detail, she made a perfect dress for every day wear with so many options for customization that it was sure to please everyone.  You can make this dress over and over and over again, and have a different outcome every single time. 

Who doesn’t love choices like that?

Add a hood, make it long sleeves or short, choose from multiple pocket selections and short sleeve options, you can even throw in some additional applique for fun!  The choices are endless.  It is actually quite amazing.

So much so that when I was deciding what to do for my version of the Signature Dress, I actually started to feel a bit stumped.  

I loved so many different versions, that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make!  HA! I was just about to cut into an interlock knit I had sitting around and make a nice little flutter sleeve version, when I looked up and it hit me.

You see, I had picked up this skirt at the thrift store a few weeks back thinking maybe it would fit me. Maybe. Might. Could have, should have…but didn’t. Yup, I looked like a stuffed sausage.  After that it was thrown into the sewing pile.


Using Andrea’s Signature Dress pattern, I was able to easily convert it into a MUCH cuter dress for Chloe.

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I particularly liked the way Andrea explained how she makes her rib knit neckline, as sometimes I err in the sizing when trying to cut my own. Her instructions were fabulous and easy to follow, and the sizing was spot on.

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I really wanted to give this dress the flutter sleeves Andrea’s dress pattern boasts, as they are just so adorable, but simply did not have enough fabric in the skirt to complete. Luckily, I had just enough rib knit on hand to use her neckline info and convert that to use around the armholes as well.

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This probably worked to my advantage, as I believe it ended up giving the dress a nice contrasting touch.


But the true test to anything I make is whether or not my kids pick them out to wear after the photo shoot. And in this case, we have already worn the dress 3 times in a 2 week span – which in my book equals HUGE success! With a rate of return like this, I predict many more Signature Dresses in my future.

Thank you so much Andrea for having me in your Blog Tour. Your pattern was lovely to work with.

You can find the Signature Dress available now in the Go To Pattern Shop HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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