It is my goal to have fun this Summer with my family, and try to capture it all on camera in the process.

We have been in New York for the last week or so, visiting my home town and catching up with family and friends, having an absolute ball! As many of you know, I was able to sneak away for a day and head into New York City for the infamous fabric district!!!


After a quick train ride into the city, I was in heaven…


Where did I start?


After finding THIS incredible resource and guide for fabric shopping, I went to work.

I started off with the larger stores, like B&J, Rosen & Chadick, & Gray Line Linen…


And was quickly overwhelmed! There was just so much to see, so much to touch and feel. It was all so lovely. I didn’t even know where to turn. To see all of these incredible fabrics in person, fabrics that I am so often ordering on-line – they were now all at the touch of my fingers and I could browse at length. It was incredible.


And can we just say Liberty of London? I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was in person. So beautiful. PRICEY, all of it – not just the Liberty of London. I am not going to lie, you can get it MUCH cheaper shopping on-line. But there was something to be said for being able to see it and touch it before purchasing.

But something that is harder to find on-line, that I had a blast with, were the notions readily available at your fingertips…


Oh my goodness, the selection was awesome!

Before long I found myself in all of the smaller shops, and I wish I had started their sooner. If you have the time to look, and really go through those fabric piles, THAT is where you will find your steals. Gorgeous cotton from Italy, incredible linens, and even some knits. All between 37th thru 39th, in between 7th & 8th Avenue – THAT is where you want to be! Take the time, go through these smaller shops, and you will find just gorgeous stuff. I need another few days to really appreciate it all.

But for now I will take my days stash, and be ever so thankful for it. A small fortune indeed…


I feel so blessed. I wish everyone could get a day like this, and I look forward to sharing all of the things I have dreamed up to make with my new stash.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!