Today’s guest is someone I found browsing around SewSet, and I am so thankful I did. This is one talented lady, and she has been featured on the homepage with one of the today’s top patterns spots on more than one occasion thanks to her awesomeness.

Heather, nicknamed Heather Feather, is the talented seamstress and designer behind Feather’s Flights!

(Don’t you  just love her hair in this picture?!  I wish my hair would look like that!)  

You see, a funny thing happened that actually grabbed my attention for Feather’s Flights and made me take notice.  I would browse around SewSet, and I kept clicking on links to see just who made that awesome pattern!  And sure enough, each time it was Heather – lol.  So when she e-mailed me asking if I would be interested in a guest post – I naturally said heck ya!

Her tutorials page is chock full of goodness, including a 6 part series on how to tailor a men’s suit!  Just seriously amazing!

I am so excited to show you what Heather has planned for you today, it will have you all ‘ohhhing’ & ‘ahhhhing’ over the photos of this cutie patootie!!  So without further ado, please join me in welcoming Heather from Feather’s Flights

Welcome Heather!

Men’s Shirt Baby Romper

I’m so excited to be here on Me Sew Crazy and share with you today! I have fallen in love with making boy clothing, and was first inspired by this shirt romper. I knew I could easily make something similar by using parts of a man’s button up shirt, so I made a pattern and tutorial to share!

If you use a lightweight shirt, it’s perfect for the hot summer months, and the front buttons or snaps are functional because you use the original shirt front button placket.
  • Free Man’s Shirt Baby Pattern (and cutting out instructions), size 6-12mo.
  • Lightweight man’s button up shirt
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins
  • snaps or buttons or other closure
1. With right sides together, sew center back seam and side seams of the body pieces at 1/4″. Finish edges.

2. Take the collar pieces and with right sides together sew 1/4″ on all edges except the neck edge. 
3. Trim the corns and turn right side out. 
4. Poke out corners (I’m lazy and just use the tip of my scissors.) 
5. Edgestitch around the sewn edge at 1/8″.

6. Take yoke pieces and sew center back seam at 1/4″.
7. Pin one yoke to the collar matching the center backs.
8. Let the he yoke should extend past the finished collar edge 1/2″.
9. Pin from the outer edges to the inside so if there is any excess, it will all be in the center. (The excess will be different depending if the yoke is cut on the bias.)
10. Resew center back seam of the yoke taking out the excess fabric.
11. Trim seam allowances of the center back yoke.

12. Take in the same amount you took in on the other yoke piece. 
13. Flip collar over and pin the other yoke to the collar’s other side.
14. Pin so all three layers are together.
15. Sew straight across at 1/4″.

16. To finish the front edges of the yoke, turn inside out and sew across the edge at 1/4″. Don’t catch the collar underneath.
17. Trim corners and turn right side out.
* I wanted my yoke to extend out a little bit, that’s why I sewed mine at 1/4″. If you don’t want yours to extend then sew at 1/2″ or 3/4″.

18. When turned right side out, pin the two yoke layers together. There will be three straight edges, the two fronts and the back.
19. With right sides together sew each front straight edge to the top front of the body pieces at 1/4″. Sew the back straight edge to the top of the top of the back body piece at 1/4″. Finish edges.
20. Topstitch the seam allowances up towards to collar so it copies a man’s shirt yoke.

21. With right sides together sew sleeve seam at 1/4″. Finish edges.
22. With right sides together sew sleeve to armholes of the body piece at 1/4″. Finish edges.

23. On back body piece, fold the back inseam at 3/4″ and sew down at 5/8″.
24. Line up the inseam facing on the front of the body piece at the inseam. Pin the button placket together at the bottom.
25. With right sides together, sew the inseam at 1/4″. Clip the curve.

26. Either fold under the edge 1/4″ or serge edge. 
27. Pin down and topstitch at 5/8″ to front.

28. Hem up each leg 1″.
29. Add snaps, buttons or other closures to the front inseam.

Put it on your baby and enjoy the cuteness! 


Special thanks to Jessica for letting me be here and to my photographer friend for sharing her skills!


Thank you so much for being here Heather!  That has got to be just about the cutest boy romper I have ever seen!  And your little man?!  GAH!  Such a cutie!!!  Those pictures are fantastic!  I love it all!!!

You can find all of Heather Feather’s Flights at:

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!