Summer Fun Photos, Week 8 – I Met Someone…

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of my blogging life. I kid you not, I counted down to it ever since the date was set.

I met someone. 

 HA!  No, not like that silly. I met a fellow blogger!!!

I know it probably sounds ridiculous to you – especially if you live in Utah and can probably throw a stone out your window and hit one. But to me, living in Virginia Beach, it was really exciting!!!

Not a bad photo if you consider Chloe, a 5 year old, is taking it!

I had the honor and pleasure to meet up with the fabulous Alida of I Make Stuff!!! Alida is one of my closest bloggy pals ever since we competed together in Season 2 of Project Run & Play. Sometimes you just click with someone, and Alida and I clicked. So when a couple of weeks ago she mentioned in a blog post that she lives in North Carolina, I just about flipped. Ummm…hello? Where? We soon realized that it would be really easy to have a playdate if we just met in the middle somewhere! 


I think it is safe to say, our kids had fun…


Our kids all happen to be so close in age, that they just loved playing together! It was a scorcher of a day too…


Note to self, do not go to landfill state parks in the middle of the Summer. The kids kept saying ‘what is that smell???‘ – HA!


The youngest ones just had fun playing in the dirt, literally.



While Alida and I got to sit around and chat. It was so much fun!


Make a funny face!


Notice how the two 3yr olds are both looking to their older siblings to see what faces they are making?! HA!

Oh, ok, that face…


And if you made it to the end of this post, I am going to let you in on a little secret:

Mom tip #345
When standing in line at a crowded store with rowdy kids, suddenly say ‘BE A STATUE’. They immediately stand still and be quiet! Works every time.


This picture was proof that it works on kids other than my own.

Thank you again so much for meeting up with me Alida! I had so much fun, and Ben slept the entire drive home. Success!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you are enjoying the rest of your Summer!

Til next time…Happy Sewing :)

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Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit is the founder and creative director behind the me sew crazy blog, as well as, 5 & 10 Designs, GNO Events, and co-editor of STYLO. She resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and 3 children.
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  1. says

    So fun! We really need to do an East coast blogging conference type thing like the Sewing Summit. I’m in SC, I know there are several in NC or GA or FL… You in VA, it couldn’t be THAT hard to get together! haha!

  2. says

    What fun! I have a sewing/playdate scheduled with some fellow bloggers this week, too and I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Glad to see you all had a great time. I’m in Virginia, too, but VA Beach is quite a distance from Orange!

  3. says

    It is always nice to meet up with a friend! Or just to have friends who understand you. Some days being a stay at home mommy means you don’t get to go out and talk to other adults. Thank goodness for email and the internet!

  4. says

    We had SUCH A BLAST! I would be down for an East Coast Conference! There are more of us out there than I realized.

    And next time, I’ll let you choose the spot. SO SORRY the park was right by the landfill! They should really put that on the website!

  5. says

    Oh that is SO FUN!!!! :) Love the pictures! And they really should indicate where the landfills are. Yuck. I met Tricia from Leafy Tree Top Spot and it was awesome. :)

  6. says

    Oh so super fun! Meeting bloggy pals in real life is one of my favorite things ever – it always seems to turn out to be a blast! The only sad part is usually they live far away and the meetups are rare. We should just all move to the same place and start a sewing blogger commune. ;)

  7. says

    Wow! Getting together with online buddies sounds like so much fun. I’m in Georgia. An East Coast blogger something or other sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

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