Today I have a treat for you!

Most of you remember a few months back when I was working on my first Craft Fair…and how it turned out to be not quite as successful as I had hoped. Well through that experience, I made a good friend…

Cinti from My Poppet.

Not only does this incredible lady have a wealth of information on boutique sales, selling from both the buyer and seller perspective which she shared with us in a previous guest post found HERE.  But she has also successfully conquered the ins and outs of Craft Fairs!  

With over 10 years of market experience, Cintia Gonzalez-Pell decided to team up with her Craft Fair partner in crime Jodie Maloni and co-author a book that talks all about the ins and outs of Craft Fairs!

The Craft of Markets is such a well written eBook, filled with tips, tricks of the trade, and practical information to help you along your way to prepare for your very own first Craft Fair!

I wish I had owned this book sooner! I could have easily avoided some of the mistakes I made, such as choosing the wrong fair for my merchandise or how to be a more visible stall!

This e-book will help you make better choices about what market strategy is right for you.  A great read, I breezed through it in under 30 minutes! It is just chock full of practical, helpful and honest advice to help get you on your way. Furthermore, it will also serve as a check list as you are walking through the process – relieving any stress you might have!

Balloons…genius.  Seriously though, so simple – so smart.  And there are so many other great tips just like this!  Such as…

Helping you to decide if Craft Fairs are right you, going through the different types of Craft Fairs, target demographics and location, market costs, your products, pricing, craft fair committees, marketing, social media, merchandising & display, logistics, as well as an essential printable check lists, and much more!

The Craft of Markets literally walks you through the entire process, eliminating all of the guess work. It is just fantastic!  I now know exactly what I did wrong the first time around, and I can honestly say that if I were to ever want to try Craft Fairs again – I would most certainly be referencing this book .

Speaking of tips…did you know wind can be one of the main bad weather culprits to any Craft Fair?  I haden’t even thought about that, I was too busy worrying about rain!  But I guess watching your tent go flying through the parking lot and smack into someone’s car is a pretty bad thing indeed.

 Naturally, as this is written for Craft Fairs in the Australian Market, there is only one small thing that doesn’t apply to the US citizen.  Eftpose is an automatic credit card reader used in Australia to help stall owners to be able to accept credit cards within their booth.

Here in America, most people use Square, a new app dedicated to exactly this.  Once you sign up, Square sends you a square card reader automatically.  You simply plug this little card readers into your headphone jack on your telephone and Voila!  Lots of credit card goodness that all links directly to your PayPal account – simply perfect!

Written by Cintia Gonzalez of My Poppet and Jodie Maloni from The Haby Goddess, the Craft of Markets is just a wonderful read if you have ever thought about entering the Craft Fair scene and need to know how to get there!

 You can find the Craft of Markets eBook available as instant download HERE for $12.95.

Well done Cinti!!! Thank you for documenting all of your hard earned knowledge and compiling it into this fabulous little ebook!  And thank you again for then sharing that eBook with little old me :).

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Happy Sewing!