As I was cleaning my house the other day, getting the closets ready for a new infusion of Fall clothes, I stumbled across my thrifted T Shirt pile. It was out of control.

Just like anything in life, sometimes you need to clear out the old in order to make room for the new. So as much as I wanted to hold onto some of these knits for whatever fabulous creation I could come up with in the future, I knew it was time. Time to use, or recycle. Time to make room for the new Season.



I decided to make socks out of them. Why? I don’t know about you, but when I am coming up with photoshoots, sometimes all I need is that perfect pair of socks or tights to compliment my outfit. To peek out of the top of a boot, or underneath a skirt. And I am always scrambling trying to find something that works.

Or worse, I never seem to buy them at the store. My kids have socks in their drawers from years and years ago – and they still fit. But really? I mean, come on.

So why not upcycle some of these adorable tanks and T Shirts I had been holding onto into something practical…


Sure, they may not be as glamorous as a new dress, or knit flowers, or all of the other fabulous creations you can make with knits. But they are just as needed. And as I said before, sometimes you just need to clear out the stash. Make room for something new, something better, the next chapter.

Making homemade socks couldn’t be simpler. I tried a bunch of options, and will share with you what I came up with…

First of all, you NEED to use a super stretchy knit T Shirt. Pull it left to right, and up and down – make sure it stretches in both ways! I found the socks I made in the less stretchy knits were much harder to get on and off. Also if you are insistent that the sock stays up in place, and doesn’t slouch down a bit, I suggest using a bit of elastic around the top edge. I describe that a bit later in the post.

And lastly, I will go into detail the 2 separate ways I came up with making the sock. I tried a third more intricate version including adding heels and darts, but found it just didn’t make sense for that much work…they are SOCKS after all. So I will only share with you my two simplified versions.

Once you have your stretchy knit…

*Version 1*
Found this stayed on the toe better because of the toe seam created, but my eldest didn’t like the center seam underneath her foot. But this didn’t bother my youngest a bit.




*Version 2*
A tad easier, but you have to be sure you are using a super stretchy knit, this version tended to slip down a bit more without the support of the toe seam.


*Elastic alteration on either version*
This will keep the sock in place and prevent slippage if you are concerned about the sock falling down.


And lastly, for little little ones – you may want to consider adding a little puffy paint onto the bottom of your child’s sock. This will add the grip factor so your toddler doesn’t ‘fall down go boom’.

But have fun with it! I made a few with angel or butterfly wings that matched up on the back of the sock for my eldest, using excess knit material and heat’n bond, which she loved…


But you could consider adding a smiley face that matches up, ruffles, anything you want!  I am thinking of making some with match up monsters for Ben :).

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!