The other weekend my husband and I reserved the babysitter and went out, in the morning. This wasn’t something we planned to do, we always get babysitters for night time action. But we had made plans, and at the last minute they fell through. Rather than cancel the sitter, we decided to go out and enjoy the morning.

We had a nice brunch, overlooking the water with omelettes. And we stumbled across a weekend Flea Market, which my husband decided in a split decision to stop at. I am so thankful he did…

 You see, we have this dream of visiting Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and those random flea markets you see pop up – but we always kind of put it into the ‘someday’ file. You probably already know what that track sounds like:

“Someday when we are retired, someday when the kids are older, someday when we have more time, someday…”

 Well, someday came early for us that weekend. And I can honestly say, I had more fun that morning than on the numerous date nights we have had the past few months.

I was out, with my husband, enjoying leisurely day time. We looked at each other and didn’t know what to do with ourselves! Anyone with young children can testify, that never happens.

We don’t live near family that can babysit, and we only recently found a sitter that can capably handle all three of our kids. And check this out – she is in high school. I know, a high school student with all three of our kids. You would think we are insane – right? But she is actually really reliable, and we just flat out like her. Where did we meet her? Over dinner one night at Japanese, sitting across from us at the table, she and her sister were taking their Mother out to dinner.

Ok, I am veering off track here. So, why did I have more fun that morning than on the numerous evening dates?  Because we weren’t exhausted, we weren’t falling back into our normal routine of dinner and a movie, and we were just able to sit and enjoy each other’s company. We bought the paper and did a crossword puzzle together, just like we used to do before kids. We strolled the flea market and scored random goodies, we day dreamed about family vacations together.  And when we got home, we felt rested, relaxed, connected, and were able to really enjoy the rest of the day with our kids. 

My verdict?  

I will definitely be getting the babysitter for more daytime dates with my husband. Who knew breakfast could be so good?  

And just because I cant leave without giving you some awesome photos from the Vintage Life Magazine that I scored for $2 at the Flea Market…




Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!