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As we are wrapping up our Summer, we are trying to squeeze all of the last minute fun in before School starts! This includes going to one of our daughter’s favorite places – Chuck E. Cheese’s. Do you remember Chuck E. Cheese’s growing up? Gosh – I do. It was one of my favorite places to go, I remember begging my Mom – absolutely begging her to take me to that wonderful place for kids where I could run around and have fun! Which made it no surprise to me that our children would love it just as much as we did.

Chloe recently met some new friends, and I figured what better way to get to know them than to meet up at Chuck E. Cheese’s? I knew the kids would run around and have a blast, while us Moms could chat and become friends! I hadn’t been there in a while, so this would be killing two birds with one stone. It was ideal.

We shared a large pizza over lunch, and the kids just loved it! It came out piping hot and fresh, and was gobbled up. It says a lot that they actually sat through lunch and ate, considering how many games were around us! No time-outs were had. It was awesome.

Everything was super clean. I actually found Madeline running around barefoot at one point and was surprised that it didn’t bother me that much. Finding her shoes after that, well that’s another story – ha!  But we had such a great time.


The security was fabulous as well, once I established a homebase I was able to let the kids run around and just play. And want to know how I made this happen?

Mom Tip #512:

When at Chuck E. Cheese’s, only give the kids ONE token at a time. This requires them to come back to you in between each game so you always know where they are!

Works every time. I wasn’t concerned about where they were, as they were always checking in. I wasn’t concerned about security, as they have a fantastic kid-check system at each door matching parent with child by special lighting stamps. And I was able to just relax.

Speaking of which, did you know that each ride at Chuck E. Cheese’s is still just one token? I couldn’t believe it! I assumed that after all of these years, the admission would have went up for the ‘high tech’ rides. But no, admission is always free and each game is one token. That is AWESOME! What’s a token worth? Just about a quarter. We spent an entire 2 hours at Chuck E. Cheese’s for just about $5 in tokens. Seriously? Any Mom can tell you that is just about as amazing as it gets.

They even offered us some Purell Hand Sanitizer, so I didn’t need to worry about what my child may have picked up from another child while playing.

To be able to watch my kids play and have fun, while relaxing at the same time – that is a special treat indeed.

Of course by the time we left, I was already hearing this on the walk to the car:

“Mom, when can we come back???”

Soon honey, really soon. I promise.

Want to visit Chuck E. Cheese’s yourself? For more information, you can visit Chuck E. Cheese’s website HERE and stay connected by liking Chuck E. Cheese’s page on Facebook HERE

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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    My husband and I have been talking about bringing our almost 4 year old. I think you’ve convinced us. I loved it as a kid and I’d love to see her there.

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    We love chuck e cheese for all the fun it provides the kids and everyone usually rests well afterwards which is huge at my house b/c no one takes naps anymore- except the newborn! And this momma needs a nap!

  3. says

    You are the PERFECT one to ask…my daughter turned 3 the beginning of April, she REALLY wants to go to Chuck E Cheese, but I haven’t taken her yet because I wasn’t sure if they would have enough that she could actually enjoy given her age. Thoughts??? It looks like a LOT of fun, and I love the idea of one token at a time for check-ins!

  4. says

    I had a couple of my Birthday Parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s…And of course attended a few hundred of them for friends.. :) It was certainly the place to be when I was growing up. I loved that each one was different so when you went to a different one, it was like a whole new experience!! Fun memories :)

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    Ah fond memories of chuck e cheese!! It was one of my favorite places for birthday parties. :) That’s awesome the rides and games are still only one token! We don’t live near any now, but maybe one day.

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    I’ve never taken my guys to Chuck E Cheese. After reading your review, I’ll definitely have too. I think they’d love it…and if I win the gift card, we’ll invite some of his friends to go with us!

  9. says

    My girls have been begging me to take them to Chuck E. Cheese, but I haven’t done so as of yet. If I were to win the gift certificate, I’m sure I could write many reasons why my girls love Chuck E. Cheese. For now, I’ll say that it sounds like a great family playdate.

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    My nieces and nephews–as well as their mom–love Chuck E. Cheese’s because it’s a place where kids can run free and have fun, within reason.

  14. says

    My family loves Chuck E Cheese, kids and adults included. :) It’s such a fun place to play, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

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    Chuck E Cheese is always fun, it never gets old. There are so many games for all ages, tickets to be won, food to be eaten and running it all off keeping up with my kids!

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    Perfect place to have a weekday party for preschoolers, and good food
    There are plenty of games for the older and younger kids, all the games are age-appropriate!
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

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    I’ve never been to Chucky Cheese (gasp!)
    I’m winning this as a present for some friends.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

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