Behind much? Um yeah, apparently while I have been patiently awaiting my desperate need for a phone upgrade, everyone else has signed onto Instagram.

And now that my husband has finally agreed that my old phone was on its very last leg, I have thankfully gotten the new iPhone. 

Lets just say…I am Insta-addicted. 

This is where you all have been hanging out!

So, in case you have ever wondered what my sewing area looks like (left). 

What kind of boxes I am getting in the mail for the Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores Girl’s Night Out prizes (below). 

Real time updates on the projects I am working on, or *gasp* when my sewing machine breaks (right).

  Or even what my family is doing randomly together during the day. 

You can find me now on Instagram @ jessrabbott

And speaking of following along on Instagram, make sure you check out the hashtags: 




#getinonthefun will help you follow along with all of the fun during Girl’s Night Out.  #Sewswag is for your chance to enter and win some major bootay (hello, did you see part of that fabric prize up above?!!). 

And #iSew is a new one courtesy of The Train to Crazy, where you can find and meet other sewing enthusiasts on Instagram.

Be an Insta-follower.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!