I am sure you have all heard of Craftsy by now. This on-line sewing community has truly made its way to the top, seeming to be the buzz word on everyone’s lips!

Offering classes from some of the top designers and teachers within the sewing, crafting, and DIY community, Craftsy delivers top notch courses aimed at every skill level within their niche. But what I love most about Craftsy is their ability to move beyond the video course. Not only can you watch at your own pace, but immediately next to the video are FAQ’s rotating, as well as a place where you can input your own question for the forum to answer. And with people signing up for Craftsy classes at the rate of 2 per minute, there is sure to be a wealth of information at your fingertips!

Naturally when Craftsy contacted me to see if I wanted to review Sandra Betzina’s Pant Fitting Techniques Class, I was all over it.

You see – I may feel pretty confident when it comes to sewing for kids. But sewing for me? Still a work in progress. We just have so many more curves than kids do! So learning more about the proper fit for our clothes was something that really intrigued me.

Ok, ok, ok…but now you are going to laugh at me. Are you ready?

My husband calls them my ‘hot pants’, and he is not referring to them in a ‘How you doin?’ kinda way. Lol (does anyone else miss Friends?)

Let me back up and explain. How did I end up with these wild snake skin metallic pants?

The Pants Fitting Technique Class comes with a free pattern by Sandra Betzina, Vogue 2948 Today’s Fit.

They are actually a really lovely pair of pants, with piping down the front center seam to help give your figure an incredibly flattering shape.

My problem?  I just don’t wear this style pant anymore…ever. What was a girl to do?

Enter…hot pants.

I stumbled across this awesome fabric while browsing Jo-Ann Fabrics, and knew it would be perfect! After all – maybe I will have a rocking New Years Eve this year! Or wear them to go out Salsa dancing with my husband one night. Hey – you never know! Either way, I saw the fabric – could envision the pants – and snatched them up.

I am actually a little embarrassed to show you the picture of them here on the blog, they just feel so…sexy. And I haven’t felt like I have tried to look that way in a really long time. Like in my early 20s long time.

The class was actually fantastic. It offered some great tips which I will keep in mind when sewing for myself in the future. I was able to Fast Forward certain parts that didn’t pertain to me, and watch other parts over again if I wanted to rehear what Sandra said. She had some great tips for fit assurance, fitting pants to your personal body type, as well as figuring out proper pant fit and how to taper and alter patterns to fit your body flawlessly. The class was just a wealth of information. But that wasn’t it, there were so many other little tips that were thrown into the video to help with every day sewing in general – I found myself taking notes just so I would remember it all! The 4 hour class was divided into 9 lessons, each specializing in a special step to help you on your way.

And well, I made my way towards a pair of fabulously fitting hot pants. But that is just me :).

Check out all of Craftsy’s Sewing Classes for a list to see what class might be best for you.

And if you are interested in taking the same class I took, Craftsy is offering all Me Sew Crazy readers 40% off their purchase of the Pants Fitting Techniques Class by Sandra Betzina!!!

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!