I feel so lucky to have Leisel here today from Brown Paper Packages. I remember very vividly when I first stumbled across Leisel’s blog when it was featured back during Season One of Project Run & Play. She had taken The Sweet Dress by Leila and Ben and remade it 44 times into new creations. Forty…four. I was blown away.

This awesome Momma has 3 little girls…

And I knew she would be incredible in K.I.D.S., with all of her talent and so much inspiration on her hands!


Hi there!  Leisel here, from Brown Paper Packages.  I love to sew and create for my three little girlies, Halloween costumes being at the top of my list!  And can I just tell you how honored I am to be here today?  Jess is such a sweetheart!  And so very creative–just one of those real people that you wish you knew in real life. 
And what a fantastic idea this series is!  And how much I learned from it.
I asked all three of my girls to draw some designs for me (I wanted to play it safe– have several to chose from!).  The youngest was far too busy to be bothered.  But the older two got right to work.  And as I began to analyze their designs, I learned something about my own children.
My middle child has a simple, clean style and is a perfectionist.  She will spend hours on one drawing to make it precise.  If it isn’t going her way, she gets frustrated and gives up and usually there are tears involved.
My eldest, on the other hand, is most definitely NOT a perfectionist.  But she is quite an anxious little thing, and as I watch her doing art, I see how being creative is a release for her– a place away from the real world.  And man, can she crank out the designs!  Within ten minutes she had ten designs for me to chose from, complete with front view, back view, which pair of shoes she would wear with the outfit and any accessories that were needed.
Here is the one that I decided to make a reality for her:
Simple, but so darling!  I think my favorite part was the darker green outline. 
And here is how it turned out:

When she first saw the dress, her reaction was, “It looks just like my drawing!”  This is quite the compliment, since lately the girls have been on my case about having each costume I create look ‘exactly’ like the real thing and that each detail be perfect.

I couldn’t believe my luck in finding this fantastic zipper to match the buttons exactly!  This girl has always been a pink girl and i am so glad this dress has just a touch of pink for her.
All in all, i am quite impressed with this dress.  Maybe i should let my littles be the designers much more often!
Thanks, Jess for having me share today!


I absolutely love how you interpreted this dress design Leisel!  That green outline is fabulous, and the zipper?!  Awesome!  And I also loves learning a bit more about your daughters and how the operate artistically, I can totally relate to your middle child.  That is soooooooooo me when it comes to my drawing. HA!

For more of Leisel and her girls, you can her at find Brown Paper Packages HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!