Everyone knows Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional and her lovely family. I am always dying over the cuteness of her two little girls…

Gah – I mean come on, that is just the cutest!

And of course Jess can design her pregnant butt off. Her flair for vintage is always superb. One of the reasons I really wanted her to do this Series is because she is always so good to do the little things for her little loves. Have you seen these Bento lunches?

I don’t even know what a Bento is! Lol, but these sure do look lovely. And what little kid wouldn’t adore that lunch?!!

I was so excited to see what Jess’ eldest daughter Sadie would come up with for today…


Jessica has done it again. (not me! Jessica from Me Sew Crazy….man there are a lot of Jessica bloggers out there!)….she has thought up another fabulous series! This one is called K.I.D.S. – Kids Inspiration & Design Series….where our kiddos get to be the fashion designers! Sadie had a blast coloring her heart out…I think I’m going to have to draw up a coloring page with shirts and pants and dresses so she can design her little heart out…art, drawing, and coloring are some of her favorite things to do so it’s perfect for her!

She came up with this simple little skirt…I loved the swirlies! I did make a mistake…I thought they were flowers….she tells me they are balloons now. Grr. Balloons would have been much easier to applique on. Oh well!

So it’s just a simple skirt, with the waistband sewn on using this tutorial.

The flowers were appliqued on and then I sewed around them because they didn’t stand out much. Still don’t, but oh well! It’s her design, right? I cut tiny 1/4″ bias strips for the swirls.

I think we may be doing this more often in the future!

I love that skirt Jess!!!  And of course you know Sadie will want to wear it all of the time, good thing she used a nice color palette. Awww – I just love it! So cute, gets her skills from her Mommy :).
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Happy Sewing!