It’s no secret that today’s guest is amazing. Shannon from luvinthemommyhood is one of the sweetest bloggers out there, with mad sewing, knitting and photography skills – her designs always blow me away.

Having designed for Birch Fabrics, Pat Bravo’s Art Gallery, displaying at Quilt Market, and currently in the process of releasing her first book with Jane Richmond called Island, this girl is on fire!

And with two of the cutest little girls around, I couldn’t wait to see what they would design for their Momma to make!


hi everyone! i’m shannon from luvinthemommyhood. i’m so excited to be here today for part of jess’s super fun KIDS series! i love this idea! it was a great experience for my daughter and i.

i try as much as i can to get my children involved in the design process when i’m making clothing for them.  i ask them questions about fit, style and a lot of the times let them choose their own fabrics.  they enjoy it and i find my success rate of them “actually” wearing it a lot higher.

when jessica asked me to take part in KIDS i got super excited but also a tad nervous. you see my oldest daughter has a sensitivity to her clothing.  she pretty much lives strictly in leggings and t-shirts now except for the odd times she’ll wear a dress i made her.  it’s hard on me but we’re learning to live with it.  the first thing i thought when working on our post was that this was the perfect chance to make her something she WILL wear and love.  but guess what?  things don’t always go as planned.  i’m sure a lot of you know what i mean. sometimes our kiddos don’t want to be photographed, sometimes they detest what we made with love for them and never wear it again, sometimes things just…well…don’t turn out.

so when i went to her all excited with this project she got really upset.  she didn’t want me to make her any clothes.  i will admit i was bummed.  what?  no clothes?  what was i going to do?  after weeks of asking her what she would love to design and have mommy make for her she finally came to me with a drawing.  you see, while she may not wear ruffles and dresses that much anymore she’s still a girly girl at heart.  she adores jewelry and purses.  both my girls go everywhere and anywhere with a purse so it just seemed natural that she would ask me for a new bag.  i actually thought to myself “now why didn’t i think of that?”…lol. 

she chose all her fabrics – the girls got some good taste, and i helped her streamline her design.  the original drawing had about 6 pockets across the back…lol.  a bit too much if you ask me.  so we decided on a large bow on the front and some pockets on the back.  she drew 2 pockets on her final sketch but i decided to give in to her whimsy and add a 3rd for that extra pocket luv.  the fabrics we used were: lining – cotton cream summer gardens outer flap/pockets – cotton pink pinwheels, strap & bow – cotton pink hopscotch all from “children at play” by sarah jane.

the blair bag features a fun bow tie closure so she can practice tying her bows/knots (something she is working on at the moment) and is fully lined, interfaced and features another pocket inside and an extra wide strap for comfort.  this has been such a fun project and in the end we had a great time finally deciding on a project.

our wee family has been sick all week so it sure did my heart good to give this to her and see such a big smile on her little pale face.  she hasn’t taken it off since.  the blair bag is now filled with barbie, jewelry, a play cell phone, a ball and more!

and guess what?  i’m not done!  my youngest has put in her request for a matching one.  sounds like i have another blair bag on the horizon.  i didn’t get a chance to finish the tutorial for this one due to family and i being ill but i’m up for doing it when i make harper’s if there’s any interest. 

what do you guys think? would you like to see a free blair bag pattern/tutorial?  wouldn’t this make an adorable xmas gift for your wee one? 

leave me a comment and let me know :)  in the meantime though i hope this series inspires you all to include your children in your sewing and design process.  their wonderful creative eyes are so inspiring and i promise it’s sure to be a fun experience in the end :)
thank you jess, for including me! i’m thrilled to be a part of this series.  i love ya hun :) happy sewing everyone!


That has got to be the cutest bag ever Shannon!  Your daughter chose some amazing fabrics to make it with – I am super impressed. I am happy she finally figured out something that she wanted you to make! Every girl loves a good purse after all :). Thank you again so much for being here and being a part of KIDS.

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!