Today I have the extreme honor of welcoming Disney and her daughter Paige from Ruffles and Stuff *squeal*! I know, I know – I am pretty darned excited about this.

I have been a fan of Disney’s for as long as I have been blogging! Her creations are always stunning, her photos are always magazine worthy, and she simple exudes class and style. But I pretty much fell in love with her all over again when she started Paige’s Corner.

Paige’s Corner is where her daughter creates and shares with us her fun projects, and I absolutely adore every post Paige puts up! As you can see, Paige and Disney were a natural fit for K.I.D.S., and I am more than a little bit excited to see what they have for us today…


When Jessica asked me to contribute to her awesome K.I.D.S. design series I was all. over it. I knew it would be so much fun, and I just knew right away which materials I’d most likely be working with. After all, I have dreamed up many a princess dress in my childhood days. I knew what they were all about. I was so delighted that all those pink tulles and sequined trims that I’ve never quite found a use for would finally have a glorious purpose! Hooray!!
So imagine my surprise, when my sweet little princess hit me with this:
Where are the puffed sleeves? The twirly skirt? Not even one row of ruffles?? The brown and blue color combo was pretty cool…in 2006. Then there was the 90’s ankle-length block shape…not to mention trying to figure out a cool way to add a giant photo of her on the front. 
I’m not going to lie, I tried to get her to draw another one. I lost the first drawing (truly, I did…) so several weeks later I asked her to draw one again, thinking maybe this time she’d spice it up a little. Kid drew the exact same dress! Weeks later and she remembered every detail. 
OK. Challenge accepted. :o)
I took some pretty grand liberties, but eventually I came up with a design we were both happy with. And I turned this drawing into……….
This dress! Blue and brown? Check. Sleeveless sheath? Check. Picture of her on the front? Wellllll….
There is a little asian girl. That counts, right??
She’s happy, which means I’m happy. :O) And she liked how the “apron” made her like a mom, so I had her bring out all the things she thought she would do as a mom. I love that she was on her cell phone while ironing…touché.

It was so fun to work with her design! And actually, we came up with about four fun dresses that we could have made just from the one drawing, but this was the one she would have wanted to wear most often I think. I’m so glad that Jessica had the inspired idea to challenge us to try this! Thank you so much for inviting us to join in the fun, Jess!! I hope some of you take the opportunity with your little ones, too.

Have a wonderful day, guys!



Oh my goodness Disney, seriously…you had me cracking up!  I thought there was going to be so much more pink ruffley goodness as well this Series, and have been very surprised thus far.  Paige’s dress is perfection, and I love your interpretation of it.  So cute!

You can find Disney and Paige hanging out at Ruffles and Stuff here:
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!