I am so excited to kick off K.I.D.S. with the lovely Shauna of Shwin & Shwin. Its no secret that Shauna can design her butt off…

Maggie Mae Tunic Remix

But one of the reasons I absolutely adore her for this Series is because of her passion for creating and crafting with her children!

She recently partnered up with Kiwi Crates as a contributor for their new site called The Studio, which showcases over 500+ projects to do with your kids! With 20 projects already at The Studio…

There is no end to the fun things you can do with your kids!

I am so excited to see just what Shauna and her adorable son came up with today, so without further ado I welcome Shauna and her little man Jude…


Hi Me Sew Crazy readers! I am Shauna I blog over at Shwin&Shwin, and I am thrilled to be a part of the KIDS series.I thought I would introduce you to my design pal. This is my little buddy, Jude. He is my 5 year old son (going on 15) As my first child Jude has always been my little buddy, and then came his sister and he became my little helper. He wants to play every sport so he can decide which one he is best at, then he plans a career in sports, or fighting bad guys. Both would do a lot of good. He says he is fine with being a Vet, but there are too many animals that need his help that he would be too busy to see me and that would make him sad. (see sweet boy). So when I was thinking about this series, Jude and I had a lot of design sessions some went well… some not so well. (I blame my current pregnancy ha!) So I thought I would share how we design together since Jude is a very active part of the design process.

One project we worked on together was the Desmond Jacket. Jude wanted a jacket with a dinosaur on it, a super hero cape, and a place to keep his hand warm. (very particular) Now I could have obliged and created something he would love and I would hate. That’s not how it has to be. So we decided on a dinosaur lining (not showing in the picture but he loves it) The yoke on the back is a flap that is the “super hero cape” He was pleased with the cape, and I of course like that it doesn’t look like superman’s cape. Hand warming pockets? That was easy, and something we could both agree on. The rest of the details reflect my own design that we discussed and he approved.

And when you design something together you get one happy child. Who begs for weather to be cold enough that he can wear his new jacket.

Some of the other times we have worked together on a design is the monster scribble shirt. Taking an actual scribble, and recreating it on a tee to create a monster.

Jude loved wearing his one of a kind design and telling people all about it.

We also like to work together by adding little details. Like adding embroidered designs. Jude wanted a robot on his pants. Where to add a robot? A little guy right on the back pocket. As a note he also chose the fabric for these pants. It was hard to say no to the green linen.

One last thing when we work together, we make sure we are both happy. Kids like to be kids, so they like clothes that support that lifestyle. Especially Jude, he is a Tee shirt and Pants kind of kid, who happens to be very into super heros. Buying the obnoxious in your face graphic tees would be easy, designing a tee that mimics his favorite super hero in a modern way? That makes us both happy. So He can be a kid, and I can be happy with his clothes. Designing with kids is a lot of fun, so give it a go. You may be surprised what those creative little minds will unlock inside you.

Thanks Jessica for having me, and for putting together such a fun series!


Shauna – this was absolutely the perfect post for this Series!  I love the tips you gave on helping us to design items that not only you will love, but your child will love as well. This is perfect!  And that picture of you and Jude?  Priceless!!!!!  Its a framer.

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!