Today’s guest is the beloved Elizabeth of Simple Simon & Co., one half of the incredible sister duo that helps make their blog so awesome! I am always excited to see what they have up their sleeves.

Part of what makes Simple Simon so awesome, besides their natural love for all things vintage and mad photography skills, is the fact that they just seem to have a knack for making kid friendly things.

And having seen child inspired creations of theirs in the past, I knew they would be awesome to have on board for K.I.D.S.


I think I am the only girl in this series that no matter how many times I asked my kids to draw something for me to make—I got groans and moans.  Now, don’t get me wrong….my kids love art.  It’s usually our activity while I am making dinner.  Everyone pulls up a stool to the island and first does homework and then the art supplies come flying out—watercolors, playdough, fingerpaints—they are well-loved and used.  We even have a special cupboard in the island to accomModate them all.  (It’s quite a stash….and messy all. the.time.)

But I didn’t really get any inspiration to make anything from their designs.  So, I decided the next best thing to do was think about what they love and make something from that.

And since a certain two year old is easily pleased by food…..some “I love food” shirts were in order.  Two shirts complete with his favorite food groups–french fries and tacos. Both shirts were made with felt and a bit of canvas scraps and took less than 1 hour.  My kind of simple project.

Here’s how I did the french fry shirt.

HERE is the pattern that I made up if you want to use it too.
And there you have one happy kid!
For the taco shirt, I just roughly cut out a tan felt circle and filled it with 1/2 strips as well.
You can then sew around the half circle and all the strips should stay in.
Thanks Jessica for having me today! 


Oh my goodness Elizabeth, I am dying laughing. I cannot believe you made I Love Food shirts, this is hilarious!!! Lol. I love it, I really do! Thank you so much for being here today and being a part of the Series, you are awesome!

You can find the lovely ladies of Simple Simon & Co. hanging out here:
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!