I have been eyeballing a gorgeous pair of sherpa kids boots for the past 2 years now, the only problem has been the price tag. $100+ = OUCH! Maybe for myself, but for my kids who are going to get those beautiful boots dirty in less than 30 minutes? Maybe…not.

I was sitting in my sewing nook the other day thinking about those boots, yet again, when it hit me. I may not be able to make boots – but I can certainly make something that I can slip over an existing pair and make them look like those boots!!!

Can I just tell you, this may be my new favorite sewing tutorial that I have made. I L-O-V-E these boot cover-ups! They look amazing, they utilize very little fabric, and they are quick and easy to sew up. How can you beat that?!

Let me show you just how easy these are to make…

Tie them on right over your boots and you are done! You can even use them as leg warmers without any boots at all, with a simple pair of Mary Jane dress shoes. Use faux fur, sherpa, fleece, you name it!

Did I mention that you can even make them reversible…um yeah, pretty awesome.

Perfect stocking stuffer if I do say so myself.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!