Today I have a fun little thing for you to get involved with this Christmas…

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I was contacted by Cheryl of Tittle & Tat about a month ago with her Random Acts of Craftiness.  At a time of year when we are all thinking of giving, I thought this was a fun little movement that you could get involved in – no matter where you live!

So here Cheryl is of Tittle & Tat, letting you know all about it!


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Cheryl and I am an online handmade marketplace owner + crafty Mumma from Australia.  I have a passion for sewing, creating and all handmade goodness! I am so thankful to Jess for allowing me to share with you the story of a kindness campaign I am launching aimed at spreading the joy of handmade crafts.

Imagine it is Monday morning; it is a cold and dreary day. You are walking along the street on your way to work. Suddenly something catches your eye; a strange package is tied to the telegraph pole in front of you. Upon closer inspection you discover a beautiful handmade toy inside a clear plastic bag.

You open the bag and peek inside, there is a tag attached to the toy saying, “Take me home, I’m yours to keep!” You have just been struck by a Tittle + Tat ‘Random Act of Craftiness’. You suddenly have a spring in your step and a smile on your face as you continue your journey to work with your new found friend.

free handmade gift

The intention behind the Tittle + Tat Random Acts of Craftiness is to spread the love of handmade while brightening up someone’s day with a random act of kindness, or in this case craftiness!

Random acts of kindness have become a movement around the world, encouraging selfless, good-spirited deeds as well as a kinder, more connected community.

Participants of the ‘Random Acts of Craftiness movement’ are encouraged to make their own handmade piece of craft and leave it with a kind letter in a public place for someone else to find.

The growing trend in consumerism towards a world of mass produced ‘sameness’ is contributing to a very boring and homogenised world and I would love to see more handmade gift giving in the world this Christmas.

love handmade

Christmas is the perfect time to carry out a ‘Random Act of Craftiness’.  Me and my little elves are going to be very busy over the silly season trying to get as many toys out into the streets as possible.  We will be leaving them on buses, in trains, on park benches and tied to random trees for a lucky person to discover.
For more information on how you can get involved you can send me an email  and request a “Random Acts of Craftiness’ Kit.  I will send you a PDF pattern for a toy Owl, instructions, printable tags and everything else you need to carry out your own good deed! You can also visit the Tittle + Tat ‘Random Acts of Craftiness’ Blog page.

We love sharing our toy ‘giving’ and ‘finding’ stories on our blog and through our social media platforms so don’t forget to send us your story and some photos!

This phots is a picture of me and my daughter Tao, carring out a ‘Random Act of Craftiness’ in our local town.

our random act of kindness


So go ahead, give handmade anonymously – share the joy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!