Bringing them home for the holidays, tutorials that were posted this past year as guest posts on other sites. Reruns if you will, but in case you missed them they will be new to you!

The Petal Maxi Dress was a pattern that premiered at Tea Rose Home. The only pattern in fact that made it out of my Fall Collection hard drive crash debacle…



Hi Tea Rose Home readers! Jessica here from Me Sew Crazy & SewSet. When Sachiko asked if I wanted to do a guest post on her blog while she was in Japan, I was honored. I have been a follower and a fan for a very long time now, and feel blessed to have become friends with the lovely Sachiko along the way. I jumped up and down with excitement for her when I heard she had booked a trip home!

For those of you who know my little place in blogland, I like to make Spring & Fall Collections for my children every year. Its just a little something that gives me joy, beefing up their handmade wardrobe while sharing with you the patterns and tutorials for them!

We are currently in the middle of going through my Fall Collection, and I decided to share the Petal Maxi with you…

Something about it is just so lovely, and it seemed like a natural fit for Tea Rose Home.


I chose to make mine a little less than floor length, because I worry about Chloe tripping and falling as she runs around (I have a very active daughter). But to make it an absolute full length maxi – simply add another ruffle on top of what the pattern instructs.

Let’s get started, first off you will need to print the pattern pieces for the dress. Size 5/6 is offered for free at the end of this post.

You will also need about 2 yards of fabric, buttons, scrap knit for the petal neckline, and your other basic sewing essentials. A serger is not necessary for this pattern, but as with all sewing projects, you will want to finish your edges with either a zig zag stitch, pinking sheeres, or your method of choice to cut down on fraying.

Once you have your pattern printed & your fabric cut, simply…


To add your button placket along the front center of the dress, I always use the same tutorial found HERE by Made by Rae. It is easy to follow, and will have you adding button plackets to everything once you master the skill!

When adding the placket and doing the final finished stitches to secure in place. Only sew HALF WAY up from the bottom. That is 2″ below the waistline mark in the pattern. Repeat this for both sides of the dress on the placket.


Secure bottom of button placket to dress, as Rae’s tutorial suggests.


Secure the facing to the top of each dress piece.


Turn towards inside lining, press and edge stitch around neckline and arm for each piece. Notice how your facing goes over your button placket about 1/2″ – that is good!

We can finish off the button placket now that the facing is in place. Sew down the top half, stopping at the waistline mark! This will leave you with a 2″ opening. Repeat for both sides.


You will want to finish the shoulder seams. I also chose to press them towards the back and top stitch down to secure in place.


Now we will be sewing the side seams in place. You will want to match up all side seams right sides together, including the facing! With dress wrong side out, simply flip up your facing so that they match raw sides together, the center armhole seam should match up and then it continues down to the dress side seam. Sew together and repeat for other side.


Initially I said in the photo to cut the fabric strip on the bias. Upon further evaluation it is really not necessary. Just follow along with a 2″ fabric strip, turning it into what looks like bias tape.


Do this with the bias strip right side up, so that the turned edges are facing your dress.

This will leave you with an open edge on both sides, underneath the unsewn portion of the button placket.

You now have a nice cinched waistline.



Repeat for other side edge, as well as the remaining ruffle pieces.

Again, if making this a full length maxi (to the floor), add another set of ruffles even longer than the bottom set! I would do approximately 60″ in length (same width) each to give it a really nice full effect.


I was initially done with the dress at this point! But then it looked a little plain to me because I had chosen to do it in a solid color. And here is where the maxi earned its name, the petal dress…


I kept the dress form in front of me one night and started playing with little knit circles. Pinning them around the dress as spots, turning them into flowers. You name it, I tried it. Until I finally started placing them around the neckline as such, and loved how it looked. So by simply stitching around the knit circles on the neckline, the dress suddenly had a beautiful scalloped collar. I love it!

And there you have it, the Petal Maxi – part of Me Sew Crazy’s Fall Collection.

I hope you will stop by and say hello sometime, we would love to have you in our neck of the woods! 

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As promised, the pattern pieces for the petal maxi can be found here:

Petal Maxi Dress Pattern

Thanks so much for having me Sachiko, and ENJOY your vacation!!! Can’t wait to see pictures!


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!