Before Ben was born, I was worried about having a boy. All I had known were my girls, my two princess loving, pink, frilly, doll carrying girls. What was I going to do with a baby boy?

That was more than a year and a half ago now, and I cannot believe how much this little man has filled my heart. He is stinky more times than not, his hair is always a wreck, I cannot seem to keep a single clean shirt on him for longer than 10 minutes, and he makes the biggest mess everywhere he goes.

He takes his socks off and eats them, throws his shoes off when we are driving, and likes to slobber all over our hair in an effort to ‘kiss’ us. And don’t even get me started on the tantrums little man can throw if he feels he isn’t getting food or drink when he wants it. My goodness.

He is a boy, through and through. The girls love him, unless he is trying to grab their dolls. He adores his father, the first child that has preferred Daddy next to me. And he has me wrapped around his little finger, when he is not driving me absolutely bonkers.

And like children do at his age, he is demanding my 100% attention. Which means I have had to let some balls drop. The biggest one being my blog reading and daily correspondence. I love, love, love responding to your comments – and feel terrible that I haven’t been able to do so lately. So if I am a bit quiet, know that it is not you. It is me, or rather – it is Ben. Probably sitting on my lap trying to slam his sticky fingers all over my keyboard.

Being boyie.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!