They have now decided that they want to be ballerinas when they grow up, and it has been non-stop nutcracker radio ever since.

I love how kids have these endless possibilities before them of what they can be when they grow up, they can literally do anything at this age. Astronaut – sure thing. President – of course. Master Unicorn Rider – why not.

Nurturing these dreams is one of the most important things we can do as a parent.

And it absolutely breaks my heart to leave these dancing beauties behind as I head off to ALT Summit today. As excited as I am to go to this amazing conference, as I kiss and hug my darlings good bye – I have to wonder, is it worth it?

I will miss them, and my son. And mostly my rock star husband as he takes care of them over the next few days.

But I look forward to sharing with you all of the absolute awesomeness that is sure to be had upon my return!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and in the meantime…

Happy Sewing!