I was in Michael’s the other day when I stumbled across this fabulous ‘at’ pendant in the jewelry beads section….

I neeeeeded to have it. Industrial Chic? Heck yeah!

Add that to the fact that I recently received a small wooden thread spool in the mail, and I was in heaven.

Sewing is where its AT. And you know it!  Ha.

This necklace is simple enough that you probably don’t need me to do a tutorial for you, but I did one anyway. Got 5 minutes?

You’ll need:


And you now have your niche-chic sewing necklace that you can rock on all your fabric store excursions!  Yeah booooooooooooooooy.

Lol – I love it anyway.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!